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Elastic Stretch Loops

Our stretch loops may be used for party favors. menus, programs etc.  Our elastic stretch loops are used as finishing touches to binders, folders and portfolios and may also be used for hang tags.  If you are needing hang tag material in bulk, you may want to consider our elastic string or spooled elastic.  

The 1.2mm elastic stretch loop is the most frequently ordered diameter size from the list of available sizes below.  After selecting the diameter of the elastic loop, you will be presented a choice of attachments for the loop:  barb, ball, upin, clasp or knot and a choice of 25 stocked color options.

For gift box stretch loops, you may be interested in our stock of elastic pre-tied bows.

To accurately order the desired length of each piece, whether elastic stretch loop or rayon cord loop, please use the finished loop size measured from the top of the loop to the attachment.  The loop attachment choice – either barb, ball, knot, u-pin or clasp does not affect the size of the loop.

It can be difficult to determine the circumference of the loop you need for a particular project.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email with the application you will be using with these stretch loops, and we will help select the correct size.

Product Name  Diameter  Material  Product Details 
1mm Stretch Loop 1mm Polyester Elastic Product Details Button
1.2mm Stretch Loop 1.2mm Polyester Elastic Product Details Button
1.7mm Stretch Loop 1.7mm Polyester Elastic Product Details Button
2mm Stretch Loop 2mm Polyester Elastic Product Details Button
2.4mm Stretch Loop 2.4mm Polyester Elastic Product Details Button
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