Pre-Tied Bows Wholesale

Elastic Connections carries a huge selection of pre-tied bows wholesale for retail and specialty advertising projects like gift baskets, boxes and bags. Pre-tied bows come in many ready-to-order colors, making it quick and easy to produce mass orders of gift baskets, gift boxes and bags. 

All of our pre-tied bows (excluding elastic loops with embellishments, Christmas and elastic bows) can be custom made with Grosgrain (150 colors), Sheer (64 colors), and Satin (200 colors) fabric.

All three materials are from ¼ inch to 2 inches wide. Select from the following options for pre-tied bows:
  • Adhesive Back Ready Made Bows
  • Adhesive Tab Gift Packaging Bows
  • Pre-Made Curly Bows with Adhesive Back
  • Elastic Band (including Satin Ribbon Stretch Loops)
  • Elastic Loops with Embellishments (12 pre-made styles)
  • Elastic Bows and Stretch Loops for Gift Boxes
  • Elastic Loops with Fabric Bows (Pre-tied bows on elastic cord)
  • Pull Bows (also known as pull string bows)
  • Twist Tie Bows
  • Pre-made Christmas Bows
  • Elastic Tie Pre-Made Ribbon Bows

Our enormous and customizable selection of wholesale pre-tied bows makes it easy to find the right pre-tied bow for your project. Consider the possibilities!

Order Pre-Tied Bows Wholesale

To discuss your options, request a custom quote today, contact us at 847-426-6830.
Minimum Order Qty: 5,000 pcs

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