Bulk Elastic Cord, String & Thread

Our spools of bulk elastic cord, elastic string, elastic thread and rayon twisted cord are ready-made to fit common spooling machines and come in the following three categories:

Bulk Elastic Cord

Bulk elastic cord comes in a wide range of standard colors of polyester. We have several diameters of round elastic cord and can customize colors to order for manufacturing string tags, gift packaging and beading cord.

Rayon Twisted Cord

Spooled, rayon twisted cord is not elastic—we have several diameters and colors available, and we can customize to order.

Spooled Elastic String and Elastic Thread

Spooled Elastic String is used in tagging machines for hang tag elastic.  The apparel industry uses bulk spools of elastic thread. Our spooled elastic thread is frequently employed for disposable medical garments like socks and hair nets. Unlike other spooled elastic threads, our process covers the rubber core in a double yarn layer for a more durable product. We create custom manufactured bulk elastic string and thread, so discuss your needs with us.

Order Wholesale Elastic and Bulk Elastic Cord

We have all of the most commonly-ordered wholesale round elastic cord and twisted rayon cord options in stock, but if there is a customized type of bulk elastic cord you need, contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 today.
Minimum Order Qty: 5,000 pcs

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