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Elastic Connection’s Pre-Tied Looped Ribbons are manufactured from premium materials and are available in satin, sheer, or grosgrain ribbon options. All Ribbon Loops have widths between 1/8” and 1 1/2” with hundreds of color options.
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Looped Ribbon Applications

Elastic Connections Worldwide offers Pre-Tied Ribbon Loop Enclosures in a variety of options to suit your application requirements. Each Looped Ribbon is custom cut to your requested size and includes gold or silver barbs, balls, upins, or a simple knot. Ribbon Loops are ideal for the following applications:
  • Retail Gift Boxes
  • Merchandise Packaging
  • Ornament Hanging
  • Jewelry
  • Party Favors

Wholesale Ribbon Loop Material Options

Looped Ribbons are available in satin, sheer, and grosgrain materials with fully customized color options. All Pre-Tied Loops are custom fabricated to your required length. For accurate sizing, measure from the top of the looped ribbon to the enclosure. 

Satin Ribbon Loops

Satin fabric is lustrous on one side and dull on the other. It's made using a method called "sateen weave," where the threads cross over four to five picks per inch. Satin ribbons are woven with a smooth surface on one or both sides.

Sheer Ribbon Loops

Manufactured from silk, polyester, or nylon, Sheer Looped Ribbons are produced from very thin threads of fabric woven together. Sheer Looped Ribbons offer a gentle, stunning, and aesthetically pleasing option to any craft or outfit.

Grosgrain Ribbon Loops

Grosgrain Looped Ribbons are woven tightly with a horizontal ribbed texture, and a stiff body makes grosgrain ribbon durable with an embroidered look. Grosgrain materials are incredibly strong with limited luster, making them perfect for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, or decorating greeting cards.
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