Wholesale Elastic Stretch Loops

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Elastic Stretch Pre-Tied Loops are designed and engineered to bind, secure, hang, and add appeal to all types of packaging products, party favors, office supplies, menus, programs, and more. Our stretch loops are supplied wholesale and are fully customizable to your specifications.
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Elastic Stretch Loop Applications

Elastic Connections Worldwide offers wholesale Pre-Tied Elastic Loops with barb, ball, upin or knot enclosures that are ideal for displaying high-end retail items or providing a secure, classy touch to gift boxes and retail packaging. Additional applications for our wholesale Pre-Tied Loops are designed to secure the following items:
  • Jewelry
  • Party Favors
  • Masks
  • Portfolios
  • Binders
  • POP Displays
  • Signage
  • Clothing
  • And More

Wholesale Elastic Stretch Loop Material Options

You can also order elastic stretch loops fabricated from round elastic or flat elastic cords. To provide a truly unique look, we also offer customized color options using PMS color matching. The loop attachment choice does not affect the size of the loop. All stretch loops are custom fabricated to your required length. For accurate orders to the desired length of each piece, please use the finished loop size measured from the top of the elastic loop to the attachment. 

Round Elastic Cord

Round Elastic Cord is designed to stretch and return to its original length after being pulled. Available in several colors and sizes, Round Elastic Cord is known for its enhanced durability and flexibility.

Flat Elastic Cord

Elastic Connections Worldwide’s Flat Elastic Cord is an ultra-flexible, stretchable fabric manufactured from premium polyester and rubber materials. Flat Elastic Cord is perfect for sewing, apparel, DIY projects, jewelry making, and other manufacturing applications.
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