Barbed Elastic & Barbed Cord

We carry a huge variety of barbed elastic (flat), barbed cord (round), barbed ribbon and barbed twisted rayon cord.

Barbed Elastic & Barbed Elastic Cord

Our barbed elastic (flat elastic) and barbed elastic cord (round elastic) is used as menu elastic cord, and in office products like portfolios, folders and pen holders. Elastic cord with barb on each end  is also great for retail and point-of-purchase signs and merchandising. Barbed elastic cord is also used for events signage, convention badge holders, etc. Our barbed elastic cord comes in durable polyester, with 5 diameters between 1mm and 2.4mm.  Our barbed flat elastic comes in 6 widths between 1/8” and 1”.

Barbed Ribbon

Barbed ribbon is used as ribbon handles for gift bags, retail and gift boxes. Stationery converters often rely on our ribbon products. We have a large variety of colors, widths and lengths in stock, and can customize to your needs.  We offer three material options:  satin ribbon, sheer ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon.  Our barbed ribbon is available in widths between 1/8” and 1 ½”.

Barbed Cord of Twisted Rayon

Our twisted rayon barbed cord comes in durable, non-elastic rayon in eight ready-to-ship diameters and a variety of colors. We can also customize colors for your project.   Our barbed twisted rayon cord is available in diameters between 3/32” and 7/32”.

Customized Barbed Elastic, Cord & Ribbon

All barbed elastic, barbed elastic cord, barbed cord & barbed ribbon varieties can be customized for you, so just ask! For example: 
  • Custom lengths—measurements are taken on the cord between the barbs.
  • Different fastener ends—order cords with a barb on one end and a ball on the other, a barb and knot or any other combination best suited for your application.
  • Custom colors—we are happy to match your custom color needs.

Request a custom quote for your project today: 847-426-6830.
Minimum Order Qty: 5,000 pcs

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