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Elastic String & Thread

Our Elastic String is used in a variety of applications including product tags, hair nets, disposable garments, apparel and even medical applications such as surgical socks.  Black and White as well as color options are available.  Style numbers GN57P and GN57SP are specifically used for shirring applications.  Unique in our manufacturing process is the double covering of yarn over the rubber core.  This produces a stronger product.  Our stocked inventory includes 5 different products, however the majority of our production lines are dedicated to producing elastic string that is manufactured to your custom specifications.

If you are looking for finished product pieces instead of bulk material, you may want to consider our elastic cords or stretch loops - either are offered with you choice of metal ends that include:  barbs, balls, upins or clasp.  You may also select a simple knotted end.  Your choice.

If you don't see what you are looking for, give us your specific requirements by selecting "custom" below and we will manufacture to your specifications.

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