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Barbed Elastic, Cords & Ribbons Silver Barb, Round Elastic, Black, 2.4mm

(Round Elastic | Black | piece length between barbs8 | Silver Barb | 2.4mm | )
Package Qty: 1
Total Price: $1.25
Elastic Connections carries a dizzying array of elastic cord with barbs, ribbon with barbs, and twisted cord in many colors for stylish merchandising, packaging and promotional products. 

Elastic Cord with Barbs

Barbed elastic cord creates excellent elastic string for masks and party favors. It’s perfect as program and menu elastic cords, adds secure binding for portfolios, binders, POP displays, signage and more.  Our barbed elastic cord is available in diameters ranging between 1.2mm and 2.4mm.

Flat Elastic with Barbs

Flat elastic with barbs is a good substitute for elastic cord when a products such as binding notebooks need to remain flat.  Our barbed flat elastic is available in widths ranging between 1/8” and 1”.

Ribbon with Barbs

Barbed ribbon makes beautiful ribbon handle for gift bags and adds a smooth touch to many other packaging products.  All barbed ribbon is available in three material options:  grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, and sheer ribbon.  Metal ends can be fabricated on any material in widths ranging between 1/8” and 1 ½”.

Twisted Rayon Cord with Barbs

Twisted rayon cord with barbs add a more elegant finish to product packaging.  These non-elastic twisted cords are available in 8 different diameters ranging from 3/32” to 7/32”.
  • Barb Color: Silver Barb
  • Material: Round Elastic
  • Color: Black
  • Material Width: 2.4mm
  • Piece Length Between Barbs (in): 8
Minimum Order Qty: 5,000 pcs

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