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Elastic Tag String Gold

(140% | General Purpose | Gold | 5.25" x 1.875" Tubes | G78P/SP | )
Package Qty: 1
Order elastic string for tagging machines. We stock the popular white and black colors but will happily customize to order. Our bulk cones of elastic string fit most machines using tag string (including ADT Tag Binder, Burton Whirlwind, Fishell, Gerber Whirlwind, KAM Gold, New Idea Engineering, Saxmire, Schmid, TK-1 and more) for making hang tag string loops so you can instantly customize hang tags in-house.  We offer elastic string in either a rubber or spandex core.

Buy Elastic String & Tag String Wholesale.

Our manufacturing process makes our bulk elastic string exceptionally durable for any type of tag string requirements including hang tags, luggage tags, door tags, car air fresheners, booklets, die cut tags, etc. Contact us today for a custom quote!

Buy bulk, wholesale elastic string for tagging machines that make tag string loops and more. Elastic Connections: 847-426-6830.
  • % Stretch: 140%
  • Description: General Purpose
  • Color: Gold
  • Put Up: 5.25" x 1.875" Tubes
  • Yield: 700 yds per lb
Minimum Order Qty: 5,000 pcs

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