Bulk Apparel Elastic for 5 of Next Season’s Fashion Trends

London, New York and Milan have spoken: Apparel manufacturers are gearing up to create for spring/summer 2018 fashion trends! Eye-popping colors, black and white combos, stretchy fabrics, denim and soft sequins seem to be the order of the day, so if you manufacture clothing, stock up on bulk apparel elastic for the following hot items:

  • Catsuits—Worn alone, with a shrug or a blazer, this skin-hugging fashion trend was all over the place at the recent Fashion Week shows. Bold colors, soft sequins, shiny fabrics and stretch are on point for Spring 2018, so make sure to get lots of bulk apparel elastic for this one.
  • Bike shorts—This is another stretchy fabric trend that was all over the catwalks! The major fashion houses had them dressed up for dinner, the market, the office and the street. From denim to satin stretch, everyone will be wearing bike shorts pretty much everywhere next spring.
  • Pencil Skirts—This svelte, sleek classic is making a big comeback. (Did it ever really go away?) From bold to more understated patterns, soft sequins (yes, those are all over the place too) and classic black and white looks, manufacturing these skirts does require some comfort-enhancing bulk apparel elastic.
  • Denim—Americana style, from head to toe, dressed up or down is still on topic for spring 2018. Remember to get bulk apparel elastic for any denim styles you manufacture as well—we left stiff, scratchy jeans behind decades ago. It should flow, stretch and work with the wearer.
  • Color—Bold two-toned black and white or contrasting color pieces as well as earthy greens seem to be springing up everywhere for 2018. Lollipop colors too! You can get bulk apparel elastic in all of these colors and more!

If you need to stock up on bulk apparel elastic to start churning out hot fashion items in your clothing manufacturing location, contact Elastic Connections today to discuss your needs: 847-426-6830.