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Strong Barbed Elastic Cord for Restaurant Menus

The restaurant industry is exciting! New restaurants themed after clean eating, sustainable food sourcing, international cuisines, and a host of other niche dining experiences spring up daily. And the menu is as much of a centerpiece as the food. Go classy and flexible with menu folders bound with strong barbed elastic bands and cord.

Elastic Menu Cord Keeps Your Menu Flexible

The best reason to create a sturdy menu folder bound with barbed elastic cord is that you can change your offerings whenever you need to without completely discarding the old menu folder. This saves you money and time, whether you’re well established or just starting out. Use plastic pockets inside the menu covers to change up your appetizers, beverage offerings, dishes of the day, etc.

How to Order Bulk Barbed Elastic Loops for Menus

The bulk barbed elastic loops you need to order for your menu design depend largely on size, shape and weight. Once you’ve settled on the size, weight and dimensions of your menu, Elastic Connections can make recommendations on which gauge and length will work best for your menu elastic. Obviously, the heavier the menu, the thicker the elastic cord should be; we carry 5 different diameters from 1 mm all the way up to 2.4mm. The most frequently ordered diameter is 1.2mm.

Customized Barbed Elastic Menu Cord

Of course, the menu is one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts, so customization is important, right down to the color of elastic menu cord you use. Our menu elastic comes in many different colors; The 1.2mm, 1.7mm widths come in 24 standard colors, but can also be customized to fit your needs. We can also customize colors for the 1mm, 2mm and 2.4mm elastic menu cords

Contact Elastic Connections today with any questions as you design your restaurant menus and need to order bulk elastic menu cord: 847-426-6830.

Using Elastic Cord For Menus Differentiates Restaurants and Your Printing Service

All restaurants update their menus periodically, whether because of the change of seasons, to add new dishes or just to change prices. Lower quality restaurants just create their menus on an office printer, but restaurants that care about reputation know that every detail contributes to the dining experience. These restaurants have their menus printed professionally, as befits the quality of their food. However, since not all parts of the menu change with the same frequency, reprinting the entire menu at the same time and putting it all into the same binder may result in higher costs for the restaurant manager.

The next time your restaurant customers reprint their menus, offer them the opportunity to bind the menu into a personalized booklet or folder, and include menu binding cords to enable them to quickly add pages for daily specials or featured wines. Using folders and elastic cord for menus makes it much more than a simple printed menu. It actually becomes a modular menu system that allows the restaurant to add or swap sections as the need arises. If there is a special holiday menu, for example, it’s a simple matter to remove the regular menu pages and replace them using the elastic cord to keep everything together.

While black elastic bands for menus are always appropriate, using colored elastic cord for menus allows the client to match the elastic to the menu color scheme or to the restaurant’s décor, which will help to reinforce their brand. You can even suggest that they use both cord and tassels for menus at restaurants with a more opulent feel.

For a printing service, offering elastic cords for menus is a cost effective method of differentiation. You can position cords for menus as premium products that help your customers provide those little touches that make dining at certain restaurants so memorable. Contact Elastic Connections today and inquire about our large variety of menu elastic.

5 Restaurant Menu Design Trends that Stretch with Elastic Cords

One key, but often overlooked marketing transaction in the restaurant-diner relationship is the moment you hand over the menu. The cheap laminated menu says “you-can-find-this-same-boring-food-everywhere,” so it’s essential to craft a menu that says “unique, hip, mouthwatering and local.” From hand-written catch-of-the-day inserts to binding embellished with elastic stretch loops or colored tassels tells diners that they’re in for a treat. So when designing your menu remember…

  1. Typography is all that and a slice of cake. Select two or three compatible, easy-to-read fonts. Basic type should be at least 12 points (avoiding all caps) so everyone can read it comfortably while still feeling and unique enough to highlight special items.
  2. Use natural materials in the menu to convey your restaurant’s commitment to natural ingredients. Depending on your restaurant’s specialty, this could mean anything from leather covers with inserts you can change based on the day, all bound together by 12 inch elastic cord with barbs or balls. Or it could mean rustic, hand-made-looking paper bound by elastic program tassel loops for a theatrical flair.
  3. Show… well-chosen fonts paired with mouthwatering food photography exudes deliciousness and triggers cravings centers in your customers’ brains that can induce them to buying dishes at a higher price point.
  4. …And Tell… Farm-to-Table Local is hot, so if your restaurant focuses on these foods, highlight that all over the menu. Tell about the farm where your eggplant comes from, or share a little nostalgia about a classic pie recipe (without divulging the secret, of course).
  5. Have a separate dessert menu. This helps diners get over their fear of ordering appetizers, for one thing. It also adds a special touch, particularly if the dessert menu is beautifully finished with a satin stretch bow.

If you are creating a new menu or revamping and old one, contact Elastic Connections today to discuss unique elastic cord options for your menu binding today.