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Elastic Neck Cords for Name Badges

If you run a company where employees need to wear name badges, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about the name badges themselves—the employee picture and name, department designation, barcode for access scanning, maybe even an employee benefit QR code on the back for local lunches, etc. But there’s one thing you might often run out of if you’re not paying attention: the elastic neck cords for name badges.

Ordering bulk elastic neck cords for name badges is a smart idea for any company. They’re versatile, no-fuss and, unlike lanyards with company logos, they cost less and you won’t have to waste that investment in case your company merges, changes its logo, etc. They’re also nice if you have temporary employees or visitors who need a quick, easy name badge elastic cord. Simple black lanyard elastic for name badges stands the test of time.

Another great reason to keep elastic cord with metal end tips for name badges on hand is, of course, trade shows. If your company runs or visits trade shows, you know that the name badge is an essential piece of equipment. And even if you are attending a trade show where they provide their own name badge lanyards, bring some of your barbed elastic cord along for emergencies. It can be used to attach and secure items, and can also be used to hang signage.

If you have employees that travel a lot and need to do demonstrations or bring portable signage with them, barbed elastic cord can be used to help them as well, so it’s a very handy item to have bulk quantities of in the supply room.

Our elastic neck cords for name badges also have metal tips or barbs so that the badge itself is easy to attach. To order bulk elastic name badge cords or any other barbed elastic cord for POP or signage, contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830.