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Bulk Apparel Elastic for 5 of Next Season’s Fashion Trends

London, New York and Milan have spoken: Apparel manufacturers are gearing up to create for spring/summer 2018 fashion trends! Eye-popping colors, black and white combos, stretchy fabrics, denim and soft sequins seem to be the order of the day, so if you manufacture clothing, stock up on bulk apparel elastic for the following hot items:

  • Catsuits—Worn alone, with a shrug or a blazer, this skin-hugging fashion trend was all over the place at the recent Fashion Week shows. Bold colors, soft sequins, shiny fabrics and stretch are on point for Spring 2018, so make sure to get lots of bulk apparel elastic for this one.
  • Bike shorts—This is another stretchy fabric trend that was all over the catwalks! The major fashion houses had them dressed up for dinner, the market, the office and the street. From denim to satin stretch, everyone will be wearing bike shorts pretty much everywhere next spring.
  • Pencil Skirts—This svelte, sleek classic is making a big comeback. (Did it ever really go away?) From bold to more understated patterns, soft sequins (yes, those are all over the place too) and classic black and white looks, manufacturing these skirts does require some comfort-enhancing bulk apparel elastic.
  • Denim—Americana style, from head to toe, dressed up or down is still on topic for spring 2018. Remember to get bulk apparel elastic for any denim styles you manufacture as well—we left stiff, scratchy jeans behind decades ago. It should flow, stretch and work with the wearer.
  • Color—Bold two-toned black and white or contrasting color pieces as well as earthy greens seem to be springing up everywhere for 2018. Lollipop colors too! You can get bulk apparel elastic in all of these colors and more!

If you need to stock up on bulk apparel elastic to start churning out hot fashion items in your clothing manufacturing location, contact Elastic Connections today to discuss your needs: 847-426-6830.

Sewing Elastic for Spring Fashion Trends

If you’re a clothing manufacturer who’s been following the news from the Paris, New York, Milan and London fashion houses, you’re probably excited to ship some very colorful and bold things to shops around the nation. One thing we’ve noticed is that everything this year will need to stretch: from boldly-patterned stretch leggings that encase even the shoes to sporty, stretchy fashions that go from the gym to 5th Avenue. Here’s why you need to stock up on spools of sewing elastic now:

Bare Shoulders—This year, we continue a trend that started last year for at least one, if not two shoulders out in the sun. Clearly, this type of fashion statement demands secure, stretchy sewing elastic to hold it in place. Think broad, bold stripes and loud, pink and fuchsia florals. Even bright blue and green iridescent shine is hot for spring. The colors are all bright like candy this season.

Bold Leggings—What started out as a practical fashion item last year is exploding this spring in more colors and lengths than ever. The total one-color-cover of leggings from hip all the way down over the shoes is an exciting new style that clearly requires stretch in all the right places with lots of apparel elastic.

Romantic Florals and Exciting Stripes—Get ready for bright and bold in all shapes and sizes this spring, but be particularly ready to go with stripes and florals. Several fashion houses are still in love with the bright boho patchwork look, in everything from elegant gowns to flouncy skirts of all lengths. Shirt and sheath dresses with extremely bold stripes are definitely in style this season too. Regardless of what type of apparel you’re producing, bulk apparel elastic is going to come in handy.

Sewing Elastic 2017 Apprel Trends

This spring is an exciting one for fashion! Contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 to stock up on bulk apparel elastic in bright colors to thrill spring fashionistas this season!

Apparel Elastic for Hair Accessories

Last fall, the big fashion houses unleashed a barrage of hair accessories on the world—this spring, the latest hair accessory trend is only getting bigger, wilder and more blingy. Hair accessory manufacturers will need even more bulk apparel elastic to keep up with the new coif décor demands:

Tiaras and Headbands—Fashionistas will be going big on these in the upcoming season. But gone are the minimalist stretchy headbands of last year; this year, the headbands are wider and more elaborate, meaning stretchy satin or rayon cord and apparel elastic in abundance, depending on the design. Floral, bejeweled, shiny and wide are simply IT right now.

Head Wraps—Exotic is the name of the game this year. If a mere floral headband isn’t enough, entire head wraps are bringing a boho-hippy-exotic shout to coifs around the world. But a lot of women don’t have time to learn the complicated wrapping techniques, so for Prêt-à-Porter chic, we recommend stretchy pieces made with elastic apparel thread that can be slipped on easily over the hair. Sparkly, bejeweled, bold-patterned and multi-textured head wraps are especially in.

Sui Generis—In other words, unique. There have been a lot of hair pieces on the runways that simply do not fit into any category. Some combine wraps with actual earrings, some are nearly entire bouquets of sparkly flowers cascading asymmetrically over the wearer’s head. Some are babushka-style headscarves with extra bling attached. Manufacturers of this season’s hair accessories are thrilled that the sky’s the limit as long as they’ve got enough elastic thread on hand.

Hair accessory manufacturers and designers should contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to put in their orders for bulk elastic apparel thread and spooled elastic thread. We have gauges from 0.5 mm to 2.4 mm and even wider. We also have stretch rayon cord and stretchy satin in a wide range of colors ready to manufacture the most amazing hair accessories.  

Elastic Yarn and String for Manufacturing Hair Nets

With the recent spate of food contamination incidents across the country, the demand for bulk orders of protective clothing for food prep workers has increased. No matter which part of the food supply chain is involved, items like hair nets, masks and other protective clothing are essential to the quality of the end product—there’s even an increasing demand for beard nets today.

Hair and Beard Nets

But it’s not only the food industry that requires these elastic yarn components: medical and research laboratories, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, high-tech manufacturing companies and many other industries where hair, fingerprints and dust are forbidden require bulk orders of hair nets, beard nets, masks, elastic booties that go on over shoes, etc.

Because there are so many different industrial and commercial applications for hair nets and similar protective clothing items, manufacturers usually need to produce hair nets using elastic yarn in different gauges, with different elongation requirements, in a variety of colors, etc. At Elastic Connections, we fulfill bulk orders for custom elastic yarn for hair nets, beard nets, masks, etc.

A custom elastic yarn order starts with a 3-inch sample of the fabric you want to use. Going from this, we can produce bulk elastic yarn orders for your food industry, medical, laboratory or manufacturing hair nets, beard nets, booties, face mask, etc. These are some of the elements we can customize for your project:

  • Color (From the sample, you provide, we can match the custom elastic yarn to the desired fabric color.)
  • Rubber gauge (We can create a custom elastic thickness and composition at a gauge perfect for your application.)
  • Yarn type (There are several types of elastic yarn types that work best in different applications. We can find the one that’s right for your order.)
  • Elongation requirements (How far does the elastic yarn need to stretch?)

To discuss elastic yarn for hair nets, beard nets, booties or masks, contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 today.

Stock Up on Spools of Elastic Apparel Thread for Spring 2016 Fashions

Clothing manufacturers who’ve been watching the runways for spring 2016 trends had better stock up on spools of elastic apparel thread as they prepare to meet spring’s demand for bold colors, big stripes, Flamenco flounce, off-the-shoulder hotness, puffed sleeves, tie-dye, silver lamé and sequins for everybody! You’ll need the stretch for:

  • Spanish Flair—Flouncy, bold flamenco-inspired frocks with a cinched paperbag waist are hitting the runways big time. You’ll need extra elastic apparel thread to make it breathable for prêt–à–porter pieces.
  • Victorian Puffed Sleeves—Anne Shirley would be proud. Whether they’re on the upper arm, or the lower, puffed sleeves on everything from gowns to blouses and jackets will need some stretch around the ends to fit everyone.
  • Off-the-Shoulder—Last year it was one shoulder, this year it’s both. You’ll need stretchy thread to keep everything in place.
  • Satin and Lace—Boudoir fashions are hitting the street with classic Hollywood-inspired gowns.
  • Period Pieces—Spring 2016’s time machine isn’t just stopping in the Victorian era. Your cool aunt’s estate sale fashion pieces are getting a bold, colorful update in the form of skirts, blouses and jackets with bold colors and stripes.
  • Dynamite Denim—Denim won’t die: not this spring, anyway. Expect more in the way of everything from gowns and shorts to jackets, blouses and robes. The key is that it needs to stretch.
  • Tie-Dye—No, not the trashy old T-shirts from college; tie-dye is getting a serious upgrade this season in everything from dresses, skirts and jackets to sheaths and gowns. Some of the hot colors to dye for are pink and peacock blue. Dye it into stretchy fabrics with plenty of elastic apparel thread.
  • Everything Sparkles—Just put sequins on it. And stretchy silver lame. They’ll be hot sellers this season.

If you’re a clothing manufacturer gearing up to satisfy the spring 2016 market, contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 and stock the factory with plenty of elastic apparel thread!

2016 fashions

Apparel Elastic: One of the Best Things to Happen in Children’s Clothing Manufacturing

Parents worldwide have strong opinions on children’s clothing, and children’s clothing manufacturers had better be listening. We’re not just talking fashion trends—we’re talking functionality. Because anybody who’s ever had to wrestle a cranky toddler into an outfit, re-dress a sleeping baby or try to keep the trousers up on a kid that’s too skinny (or fit them around a child who enjoys his cheese curls a bit too much) knows that apparel elastic for children’s clothing manufacturing is a lifesaver:

  1. Adjustable waistbands—You know, that elastic band in trousers that has button holes you can stretch to fit the particular child who will be wearing them instead of having to worry about paying for, or doing their own sewing alterations? With these stretchy, adjustable waistbands, bottoms can appeal to, and be worn by, a wider variety of kids.
  2. Stretchy socks and underwear—When children’s clothing manufacturers use elastic apparel thread to make children’s foundational garments more stretchy, you can bet the parents are breathing a sigh of relief. They fit longer, last longer and are easier to put on wiggly children. And unless there are potty training accidents that are just too egregious to ignore (and there will be), parents appreciate not having to go to the store to buy new children’s underwear every other day.
  3. Anything having to go over a baby’s head—From the ubiquitous onesies to every cute little baby top and baby rash guard that has to somehow be pulled over a baby’s head without upsetting the baby or frustrating the parents… elastic apparel thread for baby clothes is the unsung hero of those early days of childhood. You know, the ones where you have to try and change baby without starting a nuclear meltdown.

Stock up on apparel elastic thread from Elastic Connections today. Just contact us via our online form, or call us to discuss your needs at 847-426-6830.

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Elastic Thread for 2015 Fashion Trends

Whether it’s Return to Preppyville or Extreme Denim, only one thing is certain in the world of fashion: apparel manufacturers from Paris to L.A. and everywhere in between need elastic thread. Apparel elastic is essential for prêt a porter because every body is different. The fashion industry is slowly realizing that not everybody is a size -2—and that industry fashion projections of “beauty” are neither realistic, nor healthy. With a tighter focus on helping women feel comfortable in their own skin, apparel choices are becoming more elastic, more forgiving and more fun. Here are 4 hot trends for 2015 that will definitely require spools of elastic thread:

  1. Denim—Vogue is touting the “Extreme Denim” trend from Fashion Week. The new denim trend includes everything from culottes and wide rave jeans to jackets, tuxedos even shoes and handbags designed out of denim reborn in a host of new designs and patterns, all of which require apparel elastic in bulk.
  2. Gingham—Glamour says that from smocked frocks to jackets and skirts are receiving an update from tired old plaid to fresh, springy gingham. But note that colors are tending towards black and white or blue and white this year for some contrasty edge. And designs are being made to fit a wide variety of body types in hot new ways, all with a bit of stretchy thread give.
  3. Kimono & Obi—The Japanese classic Kimono with a wide obi belt will be making an appearance this year with jackets, coats and dresses. A very classy yet modern and forgiving style that apparel manufacturers can market for almost every body type.
  4. One Shoulder—Dresses and tops with one shoulder are also in at the moment, so if you plan on designing and manufacturing these styles, spools of apparel elastic for helping women avoid a wardrobe malfunction is an absolute must.

To stock your apparel manufacturing needs with always-in-vogue apparel elastic, contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830.