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Twisted Rayon Cord for Gift Bags

Although some sticklers insist that a gift isn’t complete unless it’s wrapped in a box, more people have turned to gift bags over wrapping paper since 2002. In fact, retailers of fine products such as jewelry, accessories and gourmet food items love gift bags as a practical packaging solution and a spiffy way to boost brand awareness. Twisted rayon cord for gift bags is a super finishing touch for gift bags.

Gift Bags with Twisted Cord Handles

Twisted Rayon Cord Gives Gift Bags a Classy Touch

Twisted rayon cord’s shine and rich color add a pop and a depth to the overall gift bag design. It’s classy to the point that even the fussiest of gift packagers can feel comfortable using the retail gift bag as the final gift wrap itself. Best of all, gift givers are known to re-use gift bags multiple times, which is great for the environment and convenient for the gift giver too.

Twisted Rayon Cord: Flexible without being Stretchy

Twisted rayon cord is strong, durable and not at all elastic, which is as it should be. Gift bag cord should support the weight of the intended gift with grace and durability. We carry several different gauges and lengths of pre-cut twisted rayon cord in 16 ready-to-use colors; but we can also do custom colors and lengths to fit your gift-packaging needs. Of course, the bigger or heavier the product that will go into the gift bag, the more reinforced the bag itself needs to be.

Twisted Rayon Cord: Also on Spools

In addition to being used as classy gift bag handles, many merchandisers request bulk twisted rayon cord on spools so they can incorporate the same thread they use in their gift bags into other merchandising ideas, such as hang tag thread for price and product information tags, other wrapping options, etc.

Contact Elastic Connections today to find out more about twisted rayon cord for retail gift bag design: 847-426-6830.

Elegant, Easy Merchandising with Twisted Cord

The holidays are approaching, and you merchandisers and marketers know what that means: finding elegant, cost-effective, hassle-free packaging that sets your product apart from its shelf neighbors. In fact, the holiday shoppers you’re trying to attract aren’t all that different from you. Everyone wants stunning packaging without time-consuming wrapping during a season when nobody has extra time. So we suggest gift bags with a twisted cord cinch! It’s the perfect packaging for many gifts. Two such potential merchandising/packaging options include:

  • Opaque satin with twisted cord—The colored twisted rayon cord can match or complement the branding, color and merchandising requirements. This is a win-win for the customer and the shop: The gift, whether it’s jewelry, perfume, spirits, electronics, pre-packaged chocolates, etc. is elegantly concealed within the pouch. The customer saves time and headaches with wrapping and the store employees save time so they can serve more customers efficiently.
  • Organza pouch with twisted cord cinch—If the product is on display in the store, a translucent pouch with a twisted cord cinch is a beautiful and convenient option. The organza is shiny and eye catching and can easily be incorporated into the display theme to attract customer attention. This is a great option for high-end personal care products, perfume, glass-bottled beverages and some gourmet foods.

Aside from product merchandising, if your company manufactures gift wrapping to be sold to consumers, mass producing gift pouches that can be cinched together with twisted cord is an excellent sell. Many consumers don’t have time to wait in line for someone to wrap their gifts, don’t want to, or simply don’t have the time to wrap them at home; they still want a beautiful option for presenting their gifts, however. Gift pouches fill this market need.

Elastic Connections has elegant twisted rayon cord that fits the cinching needs of gift pouches perfectly. Contact us about color and width options today at 847-426-6830.

Name Badges for Big Events Using Elastic Cord Lanyards

Name badges dangling around attendees’ necks with elastic cord are essential at any conference or convention. They facilitate better networking because they connect names with faces—if the print is big enough to read from a polite distance. Slapping the old “Hello, my name is…” sticker on your shirt doesn’t cut it anymore. But these ideas will raise the bar considerably:

  1. Big Badges with Big Type—One of the biggest complaints of conference attendees is having to squint to read name badges. Awkward! Today’s better name badges measure about 4×6 inches and feature the wearer’s name in 72-point “highway gothic” or “interstate black” font at the top, with the first name appearing above, not next to the last. This makes the name clearly visible from across the room. The wearer’s company, title and other information can appear in smaller font beneath that.
  2. Elastic cord—Convention organizers are leaning towards lanyards these days, but there are better choices. Name badges that go around the neck with barbed elastic or non-elastic twisted cord are more economical without sacrificing the high-end look. Attendees also don’t have to add yet another lanyard to the growing collection at the backs of their closets.
  3. Back of the Badge—Wasted space, or useful information? Use the back of the badge to post a schedule of events, a QR code for mobile devices, a meal coupon, a map of the conference center or local area, or anything helpful and meaningful to your attendees.
  4. Multi-use and Recyclable—One recent event had their name badges printed on wild-flower seeded paper that could be planted later. And eco-conscious event planners are leaning toward badge sleeves made from biodegradable plastic that can be reused if stored at the office, but safely become one with nature if tossed into a landfill.

Make this year’s conference name badge a big win with barbed elastic cord lanyards and thoughtful design! Contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 and get the party started.

Elastic Cord Lanyard

Elastic Hangtags for Bottles

The retail market is competitive, and consumers are inadvertently drawn to products without understanding why. As a manufacturer of any type of bottled product, you know your product must “leap off the shelf” as you have only seconds to grab the attention of the consumer.

Packaging for bottled products – whether for wine, or perfume, or hot sauce – is easily enhanced with hang tags.

Hang tags are usually your customer’s first look at what your product has to offer. Without having to read the entire description on the label of your product, consumers read the most important information about what you have to sell on the hang tag. Those that attract attention, and are easily accessible to the customer will yield the best results.

Get consumers to pick up your product first with attractive, easy to read labeling. Provide information on your merchandise tags that give consumers what they want: information at their fingertips about the product they are considering:

  • What the product is made of
  • Where the product was made
  • How the product is used

Elastic for the hangtags come in a variety of colors and textures to match the style of your product and packaging. With hangtag elastic, your product labels can vary in size. Hangtag elastic is available in diameters ranging from 1mm (.040”) up to 2.4mm (.095”) to accommodate a variety of label material, size and weight. The durability of the hangtag elastics ensures that your product tags will stay in place until the customer chooses to remove them.

With attractive labeling, you can bring your product into the forefront. Inquire about our hangtag elastic sold in bulk either spooled or in pretied elastic pieces.