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Elastic Display Loops for Holiday POP Displays

Soon, the holiday POP displays will be everywhere—”Hallowthankmas” is on its way! A recent Path-to-Purchase retailer survey reported a 24% sales increase from holiday POP displays. This year, make sure you have enough extra elastic display loops to hang your Holiday displays—they’ll come in handy all year!

You’ll need elastic display loops for these Holiday POP Trends:

Elasticated loops for holiday POP displays fit retailer’s needs to update their POP displays quickly around the fall and winter months. Elasticized loops with barbs secure POP displays, and they are reusable for:

  • Experience-Based POP Displays—Most shoppers would rather purchase online than brave holiday crowds—unless the store has an *experience* planned for them. Whether it’s selfie booths, visits with hipster Santa or an in-store charity cupcake booth, your POP displays work best when they bring customers into the store for an event rather than just to purchase.
  • Bold Colors, Simple, Engaging Messaging—You’ll need bulk elasticated display loops to hang POP displays that grab attention, but keep it simple. Bright, engaging colors and simple words that connect with your target customer are winners every holiday season.
  • Tell a Story—The images on your POP displays need to tell a story and visually lead the customer straight to the product that continues that story. Show, don’t tell.
  • Endcaps are Still Powerful—As you stock up on bulk elasticized display loops with barbs, keep in mind that endcaps are still prime real estate in your retail experience. Pay special attention to any displays you hang there.

Elastic Display Loops

Keep in mind that you can’t do one-size-fits-all on any of your Holiday POP displays. Do your market research and aim your signage, imagery and in-store event/experience marketing directly to the needs of your target customers and they’ll be more willing to spend. And make sure to stock up on elastic display loops in all colors and types now, before the Holiday rush! Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to order.

2 POP Signage Trends Stretch with Barbed Elastic Cord

It seems the widely-reported demise of brick and mortar shops has been prematurely overhyped—the search for “stores near me” on mobile devices is stronger than ever as people still insist on “trying before buying” and having a pleasing, personal interaction during the shopping experience. So retailers will still need fresh POP signage for displays and décor; and with it, bulk barbed elastic cord to hang and stretch the signage. The latest trends for POP signage include:

Stretchy Fabrics—The hot new POP signage trend is silicone edged, printed fabric. Strong stretch cord with metal barbs can be used to affix the signage to the ceiling while the edges slip over a framework to keep the signage flat from side to side. Digital or dye sublimation printing makes the signage look nothing like fabric, particularly if the display is backlit. This fabric is also easy to ship and store as it packs down into small spaces and is lighter than many other signage options.

LED Lighting—Combine stretched, printed fabric with LED backlighting and you’ve got a real winner. Signage with LED lighting can be lightweight, small, and energy efficient all at once, which makes it a stunning, yet cost-effective solution to attention-getting POP signage. LED lit signage is easy to hang with barbed elastic cord from just about any surface.

POP Stretch Designs Using Barbed Elatic Cord

Incorporating these two lightweight, energy-saving POP signage elements into your retail environment gives you more flexibility with your time and your budget. Displays are easy to set up with barbed elastic cord to anchor them and they save energy (read: money) and space so you can spend more time providing your customers with an immersive, personalized experience that entices them to keep coming into the store instead of just ordering online.

To order bulk elastic cord with metal tabs or barbs for your POP signage, get a hold of Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 and we can help.

Point of Purchase Materials

Retail merchandisers are constantly looking for ways to “wow” the consumer, and trends are very fluid at the moment. One aspect of POP signage that remains stable is the need for flexible, movable, customizable signage secured with barbed elastic cord. These Point of Purchase materials can be used just about anywhere, in a variety of retail environments, and are also easy to change up to keep the look fresh. As you design your next POP signage campaign, consider incorporating these trends and tips, and stock up on the barbed elastic cord:

Interactivity—Even a mere store aisle sign hanging with barbed elastic cord can be interactive. Grocery stores can incorporate QR codes and other mobile-device friendly aspects on signage to show their customers exactly where they can find a certain item, what other items in the store would go well with what they’re looking for, provide easy recipes, special sale information, etc. This strategy works well with clothing stores as well.

Surprise them—POP signage that moves, is incorporated with clever mannequin displays and that pops up in different areas of the store on different days keeps customers on their toes, wondering what to expect next. The great thing about using barbed elastic cord for these POP displays is that they can easily be moved anywhere in the store and provide both flexibility and stability to keep the signage in place wherever you decide to put it up. This gives retailers the option to customize based on needs in their location.

Show, don’t tell—The most effective POP signage uses visuals to show customers how a variety of products work together to create the complete “lifestyle experience” that your products can provide, whether it’s outdoor gear, food, clothing, tech, or all of those things mixed together.

Elastic Connections has a wide variety of barbed elastic cords especially designed for retail POP signage. Contact us today at 847-426-6830 to discuss your needs with us!

Point of Purchase Material - Barbed Elastic Cord