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Metallic Elastic Loops with Ball Kick Up Holiday Hang Tags

The National Retail Federation foresees great things this holiday shopping season: a 6-8 percent increase in retail sales on higher-end luxury items that had languished in previous years. If you’re selling any of the following items, stock up on elastic loops with ball ends to kick up your holiday hang tags!

Silver or gold elastic loops with a ball instead of a plain knot add a touch of panache to your hang tag design, particularly for items like these:

  • Bottled Gourmet Foods and Beverages—If you sell high end liquors, sauces, syrups or anything else that goes in a bottle, metallic elastic loops with ball ends add a classy finishing touch to your hang tag marketing efforts. Consider using heavier stock for the hang tags when you use these elastic loops as it increases durability.
  • Fashion Outerwear—The holidays are a big selling time for coats, boots and other types of heavy-duty outerwear. We have a variety of durable, yet classic metallic hang tag loops with ball ends that will go beautifully with a variety of outerwear items and look great on and off the shelf.
  • Big-Ticket Travel Items—As the economy gets better, people are traveling again and they’re upgrading their luggage. This is a perfect product for elastic hang tag loops with ball ends. It helps enforce the idea of durability and quality.

Of course, these aren’t the only products that need colored elastic hang tag loops. Generally speaking, metallic elastic loops with ball ends are great for hang tags on heavier, high-end merchandise. Lighter-weight fashion items may benefit from the silky, knotted rayon hang tag loops instead, because the ball can sometimes snag when items are packaged or moved.

Either way, regardless of your hang tag loop needs, Elastic Connections can get you what you need in a variety of colors, widths and lengths! Contact us today at 847-426-6830 to stock up for the holidays!

Hang Tag String Loops of All Kinds

Whether you sell perfume, candles, whiskey, jam, clothing, gourmet sauces or anything else needing a hang tag, you also need elastic hang tag string loops to attach the price tags. You may also want to have customized hang tags that stand out for your merchandising efforts. But what do you actually call those price tag strings so you can find them in bulk? Stretchy price tag loops? Elastic loops for hang tags? So many names for one thing.

Hang Tag String Loops

One problem people encounter when searching for hang tag loops is that they may have different product characteristics in mind:

  • Metallic elastic price tag loops
  • Elastic string with tassels (or elastic cord with tassels)
  • Colored elastic price tag loops
  • Bulk elastic hang tag strings
  • Elastic cord with ball
  • Knotted elastic string loops for hang tags or price tags
  • Bulk elastic string with knots
  • Knotted elastic hang tag loops

And on and on, in any number of combinations. If you are marketing a sophisticated perfume, liquor or gourmet sauce or syrup, bulk colored elastic loops with tassels might be just what you need. Bulk metallic elastic loops with silver or gold balls are great for boots or luggage. You may only need knotted hang tag loops so people focus entirely on the product.

Hang Tag String Loops

No matter what kind of bulk hang tag loops you need for your product, Elastic Connections has a huge variety of them. Tasseled, knotted, simple elastic, twisted rayon cord, metallic elastic loops, some with pre-tied bows or elastic loops with gold balls on the end too.

Hang Tag String Loops

The name of the hang tag string loops isn’t as important as making sure you get the right elastic loops for your product. Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to talk with one of our representatives who can help you get exactly the bulk elastic hang tag loops that will fit with your marketing and merchandising needs.

Stationery Stretch Loops & Cords

In the mid-90s, talk of the “paperless office”—even a paperless world—led to an explosion of business software and web-based applications that were supposed to make paper obsolete. As stationery converters know, however, the world still needs paper. In the U.S. alone, the consumption of paper products has boomed over 126 percent in the last 20 years. And there’s no end in sight. But what stationery converters are focusing on now is creating home, office and school paper products that are recycled and recyclable, biodegradable, ethically produced and that can be more efficiently used for longer periods of time. Converters are also turning to stationery stretch loops to keep up with demand for these more customizable products:

Notebooks with elastic cord—Paper notebooks enjoy strong demand, but with a few competitive twists. Aside from being made from recycled materials, elastic cord features that help snap notebooks closed when not in use, or to secure pens and pencils on the side can boost that demand.

Notebooks with Stationery Stretch Loop and Elastic Cord

Notebooks with Stationery Stretch Loop and Elastic Cord

Expandable file folders—Again, made with recycled materials, these can last for years, helping people keep track of other important papers, thumb drives, pens, etc. while on the go. The essential element for these is the elastic cord used to secure the folders shut, either with a button attachment or with barbed elastic cord on the edges.

Office products with elastic cord account for an impressive market share for stationery converters. Although the shift to digital in many areas of the office, school and home has hurt traditional products like greeting cards, demand for smarter notebooks and expandable file folders just keeps growing. In addition to in-office use, many companies are requesting customized elastic-cord enhanced supplies with logos for promotional use in marketing and as trade-show supplies and giveaways.

Contact Elastic Connections today to discuss all of your needs for bulk elastic cord in a wide variety of colors, lengths, widths, whether barbed, balled, looped or pre-tied.

Varieties of Elastic Cord for Product Tags

Product tags are often one of the last-considered elements of the merchandising process—although it’s usually one of the first things a customer looks for when first encountering your product. Elastic Connections makes a wide variety of looped elastic cord in different gauges, colors and lengths so you can design and attach the product tag that will best fit into your merchandising strategy. For example:

Elastic cord with knot (knotted elastic loops)

These are the simplest type of attachment for product tags and are most commonly used for clothing tags. You can design literally any type of hang tag you want to go along with your apparel merchandise, and then we can provide bulk knotted elastic loops in many different colors to fit your design specifications. Of course, knotted elastic loops are appropriate for any product that needs a basic hang tag.


Elastic loops with ball

Elastic loops with ball attachments make excellent product tags for higher-end items. A silver or gold ball covering the knotted elastic loop can add an extra panache to products like handbags, luggage, some heavier apparel items like coats, jackets, boots, etc. Depending on the packaging, elastic loops with ball can also be used for food items in jars, perfume and similarly packaged items. The main thing to remember about using elastic loops with ball attachment is that they add just a little extra bling to your product packaging.


Pre-Tied Elastic Bows

If your product comes in a box, pre-tied elastic bows are an excellent way to merchandise. Gourmet boxed food items, jewelry, boxed apparel, etc. can all benefit from pre-tied elastic bows. These bows come in a wide variety of widths (anything from satin ribbon bows to metallic elastic cord bows) to fit your product packaging and design needs.

Elastic Loop with Pretied Bows

Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to discuss the type of elastic loops or pre-tied bows you need for your product tags or packaging.

Elastic Hang Tag Merchandising Trends

The humble elastic hang tag has become far more than a merchandising afterthought reserved for the price. It’s valuable, tangible real estate in a cluttered marketing world. More than just a small plot for your best graphic designers to flash your brand image, it’s also a place to link customers from the product in their hands to the bigger world of other products your company sells. Whether you need bulk elastic hang tag loops for clothing merchandising, food packaging, personal products or boutique items, consider incorporating the following on your next hang tag design:

Simplicity Rules—Retro, black and white and simple color schemes are in right now. Keep an eye on the Pantone Colors of the Year and branch out with tag colors that evoke desire. (Pro tip: orange makes people hungry – try it on food product hang tags!)

The Tech Connection—Make elastic hang tag QR codes mean something to the customer. If it’s a tag for a shirt, that specific QR code can bring up coordinating wardrobe pieces on the consumer’s phone to suggest outfit ideas (and sell more product). QR codes on food item hang tags can suggest recipes or food and wine pairing ideas.

Laser and Die Cut Creativity—Make your hang tag stick out by using die and laser cuts in different shapes or even for layering. The cooler and sturdier the tag, the more likely a customer is to keep it and use it as bookmark. This keeps your brand identity continually popping up on the customer’s mental radar.


You don’t need to stick with the standard white elastic loops for your hang tags either. Elastic Connections can create bulk custom elastic loops for hang tags in a variety of colors and gauges so you can find an exact match for your hang tag merchandising. Contact Elastic Connections today and we can help you get the right elastic hang tag loops for your merchandising projects.

Elastic Tying String for Bundling Produce

Real food is a big deal; consumer demand for quality produce has never been bigger as more people are turning away from boxed and packaged foods and back to real, natural foods: fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. And demand isn’t only growing in the domestic market; a growing world population needs more food annually. If you’re in the agriculture market, you know that getting your produce from farm to table requires more than just growing and hauling. Packaging is essential to safe transport and marketing efforts. Produce such as green onions, parsley, cilantro, carrots and other items that are sold in bunches at the store require elastic tying string for bundling.

Elastic Connections sells a wide variety of bulk elastic tying string options for bundling produce that falls under two categories:

Knotted Individual Pieces of Elastic Tying String for Bundling Produce by Hand

This is a good option for smaller farming operations taking large orders to farmers markets and expanding into bigger markets as well. We produce bulk amounts of the knotted, individual pieces of elastic tying string that make it quick and easy to hand-bundle anything from onions and carrots to chives, rosemary and cilantro (and everything else that needs bunching and bundling).

Bulk Elastic Tying String for Bundling Produce by Machine

For farms that own their own automatic produce banding machines, we also do bulk elastic tying string orders that come on spools. Simply tell us the type of machine you have and we can custom produce bulk amounts of elastic tying string you can use to quickly, yet gently bundle lots of produce to get it ready for market.

To order bulk elastic tying string for bundling fruits, vegetables and herbs, contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 today. We can fulfill custom requirements for your produce bundling needs, including different widths, colors and lengths that will fit your branding needs, your bundling machine needs, or your hand-bundling needs.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Holiday Merchandising

As summer turns to fall, merchandisers and retailers are already gearing up for the impending holidays. One of the questions they often ask this time of year is,  “How can we make this holiday shopping season even more awesome, but with less stress?” One elegant, low-stress solution is pre-tied elastic bows. Whether you’re merchandising for an up-scale boutique or part of a large merchandising operation shipping pre-packaged goods to shops or customers, pre-tied elastic bows make packaging a gorgeous snap:

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Shipping Pre-Wrapped Gifts

A huge chunk of holiday gift purchases happen online. If you’re shipping pre-wrapped gifts through the post, many of your clients are expecting that their gifts will come wrapped right out of the shipping box. Pre-tied elastic bows are really the gift packaging choice for any high-end gift that needs to be shipped because the elastic holds the gift securely in place while also looking great under the tree.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Eco-Conscious Marketing

Today’s consumers expect to reduce, reuse and recycle just about anything they can. Pre-tied elastic bows fit this growing paradigm perfectly. High-quality satin pre-tied elastic bows can be saved and reused from year to year, which is something your clients will appreciate.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows Fit Your Merchandising Needs

Whether you’re marketing and packaging chocolates, cosmetics, jewelry, or a host of other small, special gifts, you can get thin elastic stretch bows or elastic loops with bows in exactly the color that fits your marketing and branding program. These stretchy bows look great on any package and makes it easy and fast for employees doing the packaging, saving them time to focus on a more personalized customer service relationship.

Make holiday merchandising easier and more elegant at the same time this year with shiny, pre-tied elastic bows. They add elegant bling easily to all sorts of packaging options. Contact Elastic Connections today by reaching out to us at 847-426-6830.

Pre-Tied Stretchy Bows and Decorative Elastic Loops for Stationery Converters

People still love getting hand-written thank you notes, birthday invitations and holiday cards in the mail. But the shift toward electronic greetings has put pressure on stationery converters. They are, therefore, constantly looking for ways to stay competitive in what is generally regarded as a tight market by ratcheting up their efforts in terms of style and design. Stationery converters are turning to pre-tied elastic loops and stretch bows to secure the stationery packaging, even using them as design elements in the cards themselves. Here are some elastic stretch bow and loop options that many of our stationery converter customers like to use for various stages of fulfillment:

Pre-tied elastic stretch bows—These come in a host of colors to match stationery design and its packaging. Shiny, metallic pre-tied stretch bows are excellent for holiday, shower and wedding announcement packaging, or any design piece that needs a touch of finery and elegance. In fact, some designers are opting to use stretch bows as 3D elements in the stationery design, as well as the packaging.

Metallic stretch loops—If the stationery packaging is smaller, smaller-gauge metallic stretch loops make an excellent, eye-catching packaging fastener and design element. They come in a wide assortment of colors to fit the product design. In addition to being a great style-enhancing element to packaging, they can also be used in some greeting card designs as well because they come in an assortment of color options.

Matte stretch loops and bows—There is a growing demand for these elements because they convey an eco-friendly feel to any stationery packaging or design. There are several pleasing colors of matte stretch loops and pre-tied bows to choose from, so more designers are requesting these from stationery converters during the fulfillment process.

Stationery Packaging

Stationery Packaging

We invite stationery converters to contact us here at Elastic Connections to discuss your bulk pre-tied elastic bow or elastic loop needs: 847-426-6830.

Merchandise Tag Designs Using Elastic Loops

If you have an amazing product to sell, whether it’s apparel, cookies, jewelry, tech or cosmetics, you have to compete to grab the attention of your potential customers. That’s where merchandising and design come into play—right down to the branding on the elastic hang tag. This may seem like a small detail, but anything generic, even on this level, can signal inconsistency and poor quality to the customer. So while planning your merchandising scheme, don’t forget the hang tag!

Elastic Loops to Attach Hang Tags

Whether trying to convey a hand-crafted or high-end look, the trend is to attach hang tags to merchandise with elastic loops. Sure, you can use white elastic loops for hang tags, but consider your overall design; a matte color elastic loop, or metallic elastic loop can really pop.

Hang Tag Color

As previously mentioned, color is an important subconscious seller. Use it strategically in the branding on your hang tags in conjunction with all other branding efforts. Design accordingly and order elastic stretch loops for hang tags in a coordinating tonal or complementary colors to draw the customer’s attention:

  • Yellow—Youth, optimism, attention-grabber
  • Red—Urgent, energetic, grabs and holds attention, boosts sales
  • Blue—Security and trust (often used in banking and health products)
  • Green—Relaxing; associated with money and environmentally-friendly products
  • Orange—Aggressive, energetic, cutting-edge; stimulates hunger
  • Pink—Feminine, romantic
  • Black—Sleek, luxurious
  • Purple—Calming, yet mysterious; often used in cosmetics and anti-aging
  • Gold & Silver—Wealth, power, elegance

Tag Shapes

Trendy merchandise tags aren’t just rectangular today. They may be circular, triangular, oblong, ring-shaped, leaf-shaped, book-shaped or die-cut with all kinds of edging effects that say, “We’re different, we’re special.”

Merchandise Hang Tag Designs

Merchandise Hang Tag Designs

Elastic Connections has a wide assortment of colored elastic stretch loops and hang tag string that will accentuate your merchandise tags and other branding efforts. Contact us at 847-426-6830 to learn more.

Elastic Bows and Loops Dress up Gourmet Food Packaging Trends

Research from the Specialty Food Association indicates a rapidly increasing percentage (currently 60%) of consumers regularly purchase some type of specialty or gourmet food. They also note that the food packaging is an important element for consumers: it has to tell a story, it must be functional and it needs to go easy on the environment. Elastic loops, bows and stretchy elements can help your product fit those trends:

  1. Tell a Story—Generation Z and the Millennials are driving a big part of the demand for gourmet and specialty foods. They are also addicted to social media and frequently post “food selfies” marketers can take advantage of. Statement-making colored stretchy bows or elastic hang tags with QR codes or eye-catching images that go beyond the typical price tag speak volumes across more platforms than just the shop shelf.
  2. Be Functional—Today’s gourmet food market is always on the go. They need classy, but fast, fuss-free, secure eating options that can be easily stowed when not in use. Elastic loops with barbs or balls to fasten opened packages when the consumer is underway is just one way to make the entire specialty eating experience a happy one for your customers.
  3. Go Easy on the Environment—Simple, clean and environmentally-friendly packaging is super hot, and with good reason. Consumers want to help the environment, and they want to know that the companies they purchase from are doing their part for Mother Earth too. Use recyclable materials, and use less of them. Stretch your resources with simple packaging that tells the story so the consumer knows that by eating your gourmet food product, they are doing themselves and the earth a good turn.

Elastic Connections has hundreds of elastic loops, bows and stretchy elements that are functional, fun and friendly for food packaging:  Call 847-426-6830 today.