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Mask Elastic Strings

Face mask manufacturing is booming business these days. The Chinese market demand for dust and virus face masks is through the roof. Demand for surgical masks and dust masks for people working hospitals, construction and emergency management is also up. To meet this demand, face mask manufacturers need to keep stocks of mask elastic strings on hand for the process.

Bulk Mask Elastic Strings

One problem manufacturers encounter when sourcing bulk mask elastic string is finding the correct search terminology. It seems like this one essential item for face masks goes by many names, so it can be difficult to track down when you need to find a good deal. Here are some potential search combinations you may have tried:

  • Bulk face mask elastic
  • Elastic straps for face masks
  • Elastic bands for face masks
  • Stretchy bands for dust masks
  • Elastic cord for face masks

You may have even typed elastic chords for face masks. Typically, you can find this type of elastic chord under the “elastic string and thread” heading, and then pick the diameter and type that you need. But whether you call them bands, straps, cords or even chords, it’s important to get the right type of elastic string for this particular application as it has some special requirements. For instance:

  • Comfort—The face mask elastic string should be covered in soft fabric for going over the face and around the head; bare elastic can chafe and catch in the hair.
  • Strength—In situations where the face and breathing must be protected from environmental pollutants or germs, the elastic straps on the face mask must be durable enough to withstand vigorous use, whether that’s on a job site, in a hospital or during an emergency situation.
  • Elasticity—You want to have face mask elastic string that maintains good elasticity and doesn’t become loose, which can compromise the mask’s ability to filter out contaminants.

Contact Elastic Connections today to order bulk face mask elastic string today.

Barbed Elastic String for Party Hats and Costume Masks

Whether it’s a kids’ birthday party or an adult cocktail party, the popularity of party hats and masks is skyrocketing. What with the Cosplay craze and the “Chewbacca Mom” phenomenon, marketers must step up their game and order plenty of barbed elastic string for manufacturing party hats and masks to keep up with the demand. The latest trends include:

Fascinators and Classic Hats—Party goers are hailing back to a bygone age of elegant hats, particularly for adult parties and holiday parties. Fascinators are particularly popular for the ladies and manufacturers need barbed elastic to attach fascinators securely to a wide variety of heads and hairdos. Inexpensive versions of top hats, fedoras, bowlers and other classic hat styles are also making their way to the party hat scene.

Beyond Cone Hats—For the kids and the adults, cone-shaped hats are still an essential party favor, but the designs are more varied. Instead of just the typical colored balloon or flowered cone patterns you see on mass-produced party hats with barbed elastic, many party hats now have designs from favorite movies or have a more art deco look to them. Some look like mini-Mad Hatter hats. There are also lots of crowns and tiaras.

Masks and Eye Patches—From superheroes, video game characters and wizards to stormtroopers, animals and pirates, kids are wearing these for dress up play as much as they are doing it for Halloween. We have comfortable, durable barbed elastic that doesn’t tug on the hair or skin so these masks can be worn again and again.

Fancy masks—Sophisticated party goers are wearing beautiful filigreed, bejeweled and feathered party masks to cocktail parties and other soirees more and more as well.

If you need bulk barbed elastic for party hat or costume mask manufacturing, contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to order. We have a wide variety of colors and widths of barbed elastic for you to choose from!

Bulk Elastic for Mask Manufacturing – Not Just for Halloween

Mask manufacturing used to see its biggest push around Halloween, but recent pop culture trends are making mask manufacturing a year-round business opportunity. If your company wants to keep the profits rolling throughout the year by following these mask production trends, make sure you have plenty of mask elastic in stock to meet growing demands.

Elastic for Masquerade Masks

Masquerade balls and parties are becoming more popular all around the year. Any of these styles would fly at Halloween as well as any other holiday masked ball:

  • Filigree masks—Like layering skin-hugging lace across the face, these elegant masks are truly hot for any occasion where masks are in demand. Most commonly appearing in black, but also in other colors, bulk mask elastic is available in many colors to fit the style you’re manufacturing.
  • Classic Venetian Mardi Gras Masks—Mardi Gras or Carnival masks are obviously in demand long after Halloween, as well as on cruise ships. These solid design masks come in every color under the sun, as do our options for mask elastic.

Elastic for Cosplay Masks

The cosplay trend has exploded with every kind of con(vention) you can imagine where thousands of fans of different types of movie, comic book and anime genres come together to dress up and pretend to be their favorite characters. Masks are a huge part of the trend and an essential part of the many disguises and costumes that people are willing to shell out the big bucks to wear. Mask manufacturers can get in on the trend by designing and producing more masks depicting trending characters at these conventions. Just make sure not to run out of mask elastic at the factory.

Mask Elastic String

If you’re mass producing masks at your facility and need the elastic to affix them securely and carefully to the wide range of head shapes and hairstyles of the end customers, contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830.  We stock mask elastic string as small as .040″ diameter or spooled elastic up to 2.4mm diameter.