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3 Ways Bulk Pre-Tied Elastic Bows Make the Holidays Easier for Retailers

The holiday shopping rush is just beginning to bubble, and retailers across the nation are feeling it. Shoppers are out earlier, trying to get ahead of the big rush, while many more will wait until the last minute. Preparation is essential for helping brick and mortar and online retailers delight their customers. And bulk pre-tied elastic bows can make that happen.

1. Bulk Pre-Tied Stretch Bows for Quick Sales

If you sell high-end gifts online or in a shop, having a stock of your most in-demand gifts already packaged, wrapped and finished with a silver or gold pre-tied stretch bow will make the sale quick and the customer happy. Your gifts will look elegant and you’re ready to send multiple packages out the door with a hoard of holiday customers, or to the shipping department.

2. Your Customers Love Pre-Tied Stretchy Bows Because They’re Easy

Driving more sales often hinges on what you can do to simplify the lives of your customers. If you sell an elegant gift, beautifully packaged and tied up with a pre-tied stretchy bow that requires no Christmas Eve wrapping rush into the wee hours, your customer will remember you with delight and a sigh of relief, and probably come back for more.

3. Pre-Tied Elastic Bows are Customizable

No matter what you sell, or your marketing scheme, there are pre-tied elastic bows that will fit beautifully into your plans. You can order them in several different metallic and matte colors, and in varying widths and lengths to fit your particular boxing needs.

Using pre-tied stretch bows to prepare for your holiday customers will save you and your customers time, enabling you to focus more directly on delighting your customers so they come back for more. Contact Elastic Connections to order bulk pre-tied elastic bows, or call us at 847-426-6830 and make this holiday retail season a beautiful breeze.

Stationery Converters Stock Up on Elastic Bows and Tassels

It’s that time of year for stationery converters: the big rush for graduation announcements, programs, wedding announcements and other fancy, formal cards, and programs that require a little extra bling in bulk quantities. Bulk pre-tied elastic bows in all colors, as well as elastic loops with ball end, can add a touch of class to these announcements and invitations. Stock up now on the following elements:

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Invitations and Announcements

If you need bulk quantities of an easy-to-assemble element to ship in large quantities, consider pre-tied elastic bows. They come in a host of colors, including metallic varieties. You can keep large customers such as wedding announcement printers, high schools and colleges satisfied with these finishing touches because they can match school colors or wedding colors easily.

Elastic Loops with Ball Ends

Because these come on a heavier elastic cord with a ball, they make a great addition for bulk orders of graduation programs, which require something heavier.


Elastic Loops with Tassels

Some of your customers may prefer ordering bulk graduation announcements with different colored elastic loops with tassels as well. These also go well on smaller graduation programs.

Elastic Loop with Tassel End

Finding the Right Elastic Cord for Invitations, Announcements and Programs

You might also search for these items under terms like “elastic cords to bind booklets” or “elastic cord to bind invitations”. For massive printing jobs like these, we usually recommend either the elastic bows with loops, balls or tassels instead of the elastic cord with barbs—those are great for other mass printings, but the decorative aspect is essential with graduation and wedding invitations.

If you’re a stationery converter or printer needing bulk quantities of elastic bows, strong elastic loops with metal balls or even elastic loops with tassels, contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 and our representatives will help you order the supplies you need for the spring graduation and wedding announcement printing rush.

Elastic Bows for Valentines Boxes

Valentine’s Day generated nearly $19 billion in 2016 for retailers selling jewelry, clothing and chocolates. Merchandisers dial up the romance and cut out the stress for those celebrating by stocking up on pre-tied elastic bows. Package your wares elegantly in-store so customers don’t have to spend extra time wrapping the gift items before giving them.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows in Valentines Colors

Of course, everyone thinks of red, pink, silver and gold-colored packaging for merchandising during the Valentine’s sales period, but our pre-tied elastic bows for boxes come in a rainbow assortment of colors if your branding scheme demands a different direction. We have 25 different colors in the 1.2 mm gauge, and red, gold and silver in the 1.7 mm gauge, although we can do custom colors in bulk for either size, depending on what you need.

Ordering Bulk Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Valentines Packaging

Whether you sell jewelry, chocolates or small clothing items and accessories during Valentines, you can use the following to help you decide what length of bulk pre-tied bows to order. Of course, call and talk with us if you need a custom length and we can advise you:

  • Boxes of 3″ x 2″ x 1″ do well with a 3-inch pre-tied bow (appropriate for rings, earrings, bracelets and small necklaces).
  • Boxes of 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″ need a 4-inch pre-tied bow (good for packaging larger bracelets and small necklaces).
  • Boxes of 6.5″ x 3.25″ x 1″ usually require a 5-inch elastic loop (larger necklaces).

For clothing, accessories, larger pieces of jewelry or chocolates:

  • 7″ x 5″ x 1″ boxes do well with a 7-inch pre-tied bow.
  • 10″ x 7 x 1.25″ boxes work well with an 8-inch loop.

Contact Elastic Connections today to order bulk pre-tied elastic bows in an assortment of colors and lengths to be ready for your Valentine’s merchandising needs, or call and talk with us personally about custom orders at 847-426-6830.

Stretch Loop Bows for Jewelry Gift Boxes

Jewelry can be a personal style statement, a gift of love, or a special memento. And the packaging of that jewelry can be just as much of a statement as the jewelry itself. It’s hard to duplicate the anticipation a small jewelry package generates for the recipient. As the holidays draw closer and jewelry purchases increase, merchandising with stretch loop bows is a smart choice.

Many high-end jewelry shops choose pre-tied elastic bows for their jewelry boxes because they are classy, yet quick and easy to apply to the box in-store. We receive many questions about the size of the pre-tied bow loops that they need for their boxes, particularly as the trend toward larger, unconventional jewelry pieces continues to grow.

stretch loop jewelry gift boxes

The following is a general guide for deciding the length of the finished pre-tied elastic loop you may need for your jewelry boxes:

  • Earring, ring and bracelet boxes: For a box of 3″ x 2″ x 1″, a 3-inch pre-tied bow makes sense.
  • Larger bracelets, small necklaces: A box of 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″ would require a 4-inch pre-tied bow.
  • Necklaces: For a typical 6.5″ x 3.25″ x 1″ box, a 5-inch elastic loop would work.

For larger, unconventional pieces of jewelry:

  • A box of 7″ x 5″ x 1″ would need a 7-inch pre-tied bow.
  • A box of 10″ x 7 x 1.25″ would need up to an 8-inch loop.

All of these lengths are available in both 1.2mm and 1.7mm gauges, and those come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including metallic gold, silver and several other gorgeous metallic colors. These are the loop sizes and gauges we traditionally stock, but we can also create custom pre-tied elastic bows for your boxes. So whatever your packaging and merchandising scheme, let us know and we can work with you.

Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 for elegant pre-tied elastic bows for jewelry boxes.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Chocolatiers

7.3 million tons. That’s how much chocolate human beings consumed in the last year—it’s an exciting time for chocolatiers. While makers of fine chocolates have struggled to connect with adult consumers over the years, many boutique and fair-trade chocolatiers are finding success with bold, new gourmet flavors and confections boxed with a variety of pre-tied elastic bows for boxes of chocolates.

The two biggest trends in the chocolate industry are chocolatiers producing fair-trade and organic chocolate confections, and chocolatiers mixing flavors that go way beyond the crisp rice or peanut butter of childhood. Many chocolate makers are using darker chocolate with less sugar to appeal to those who love chocolate, but who also want to eat healthier. (Thank goodness chocolate can now be considered a health food!) The packaging options should also reflect these trends. Pre-tied elastic bows for chocolate boxes could include:

Metallic Pre-Tied Elastic Bows—These are perfect for high-end gourmet chocolates. When packaged in branded boxes and secured with these shiny, easy-to-attach pre-tied elastic bows, they are the perfect gift for any chocolate lover. And if your branding goes beyond just the classic gold or silver metallic bows, we also have metallic pre-tied elastic bows in many different colors and widths that can fit your brand style.

Matte Pre-Tied Elastic Bows—Chocolatiers focusing on confections from fair-trade and organic farming practices show the world that chocolate can be both delicious and ethical. While these chocolatiers are also making chocolates with a wide range of spices, nuts, fruits and flavor combinations, they may want to emphasize the organic/fair-trade angle first. To that end, chocolate boxes can be secured with matte pre-tied elastic bows in a variety of colors.

Pre-tied Elastic Metallic Bows for Chocolate Boxes

If you’re a chocolate maker looking for a classy way to package your chocolate artistry, contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 for bulk pre-tied elastic bows in a wide variety of widths, colors and finishes. We can make custom bulk orders to fit your particular branding needs.

Varieties of Elastic Cord for Product Tags

Product tags are often one of the last-considered elements of the merchandising process—although it’s usually one of the first things a customer looks for when first encountering your product. Elastic Connections makes a wide variety of looped elastic cord in different gauges, colors and lengths so you can design and attach the product tag that will best fit into your merchandising strategy. For example:

Elastic cord with knot (knotted elastic loops)

These are the simplest type of attachment for product tags and are most commonly used for clothing tags. You can design literally any type of hang tag you want to go along with your apparel merchandise, and then we can provide bulk knotted elastic loops in many different colors to fit your design specifications. Of course, knotted elastic loops are appropriate for any product that needs a basic hang tag.


Elastic loops with ball

Elastic loops with ball attachments make excellent product tags for higher-end items. A silver or gold ball covering the knotted elastic loop can add an extra panache to products like handbags, luggage, some heavier apparel items like coats, jackets, boots, etc. Depending on the packaging, elastic loops with ball can also be used for food items in jars, perfume and similarly packaged items. The main thing to remember about using elastic loops with ball attachment is that they add just a little extra bling to your product packaging.


Pre-Tied Elastic Bows

If your product comes in a box, pre-tied elastic bows are an excellent way to merchandise. Gourmet boxed food items, jewelry, boxed apparel, etc. can all benefit from pre-tied elastic bows. These bows come in a wide variety of widths (anything from satin ribbon bows to metallic elastic cord bows) to fit your product packaging and design needs.

Elastic Loop with Pretied Bows

Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to discuss the type of elastic loops or pre-tied bows you need for your product tags or packaging.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows and Packaging Trends

A team of packaged-product marketing experts from Deloitte University recently published a study predicting the direction of consumer goods and packaging over the next five years. While they aren’t psychic, they illuminated burgeoning trends that marketers and product developers would be wise to note while investing in bulk pre-tied elastic bows for their packaging:

Consumer Market Bifurcation—The gap between the lower and middle classes and the affluent continually widens, leaving the majority on the former end feeling continually behind the curve. Margins are tight for these folks, so packaging should be simple, useful and elegant; consumers often want to reuse or recycle packaging. Pre-tied elastic bows not only convey the feeling that a product is special regardless of price point, it’s something the consumer can reuse.

A Common Demand—Regardless of a consumer’s place on the spectrum, the overwhelming direction of packaged consumer goods is towards health, wellness, ethical and environmentally-friendly products. That means demand for naturally-derived personal care products, organic gourmet foods, ethically-made apparel products, etc. will continue to increase. Pre-tied elastic bows in all different colors and sizes hold these things together to make great, easy, classy and ethical gift-giving options.

Digital Channels—Consumers’ main shopping experience will be a highly-digitized and mobile one; it already is. Pre-tied elastic bows stand out in product images consumers view online and help grab attention in a cluttered, noisy marketing world.  

Customization—Consumers are continually being divided into smaller and smaller niche markets; they expect their products, more than ever, to speak to their individual needs (and, indeed, their individualism) right down to the packaging. Product developers and marketers can use a variety of pre-tied elastic bows in different widths, colors and finishes (matte or metallic) to a.) drive home the brand message while also b.) giving the consumer a choice they like.

Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to discuss custom pre-tied elastic bows you can use for your forward-thinking product packaging.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Holiday Merchandising

As summer turns to fall, merchandisers and retailers are already gearing up for the impending holidays. One of the questions they often ask this time of year is,  “How can we make this holiday shopping season even more awesome, but with less stress?” One elegant, low-stress solution is pre-tied elastic bows. Whether you’re merchandising for an up-scale boutique or part of a large merchandising operation shipping pre-packaged goods to shops or customers, pre-tied elastic bows make packaging a gorgeous snap:

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Shipping Pre-Wrapped Gifts

A huge chunk of holiday gift purchases happen online. If you’re shipping pre-wrapped gifts through the post, many of your clients are expecting that their gifts will come wrapped right out of the shipping box. Pre-tied elastic bows are really the gift packaging choice for any high-end gift that needs to be shipped because the elastic holds the gift securely in place while also looking great under the tree.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows for Eco-Conscious Marketing

Today’s consumers expect to reduce, reuse and recycle just about anything they can. Pre-tied elastic bows fit this growing paradigm perfectly. High-quality satin pre-tied elastic bows can be saved and reused from year to year, which is something your clients will appreciate.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows Fit Your Merchandising Needs

Whether you’re marketing and packaging chocolates, cosmetics, jewelry, or a host of other small, special gifts, you can get thin elastic stretch bows or elastic loops with bows in exactly the color that fits your marketing and branding program. These stretchy bows look great on any package and makes it easy and fast for employees doing the packaging, saving them time to focus on a more personalized customer service relationship.

Make holiday merchandising easier and more elegant at the same time this year with shiny, pre-tied elastic bows. They add elegant bling easily to all sorts of packaging options. Contact Elastic Connections today by reaching out to us at 847-426-6830.

Pre-Tied Stretchy Bows and Decorative Elastic Loops for Stationery Converters

People still love getting hand-written thank you notes, birthday invitations and holiday cards in the mail. But the shift toward electronic greetings has put pressure on stationery converters. They are, therefore, constantly looking for ways to stay competitive in what is generally regarded as a tight market by ratcheting up their efforts in terms of style and design. Stationery converters are turning to pre-tied elastic loops and stretch bows to secure the stationery packaging, even using them as design elements in the cards themselves. Here are some elastic stretch bow and loop options that many of our stationery converter customers like to use for various stages of fulfillment:

Pre-tied elastic stretch bows—These come in a host of colors to match stationery design and its packaging. Shiny, metallic pre-tied stretch bows are excellent for holiday, shower and wedding announcement packaging, or any design piece that needs a touch of finery and elegance. In fact, some designers are opting to use stretch bows as 3D elements in the stationery design, as well as the packaging.

Metallic stretch loops—If the stationery packaging is smaller, smaller-gauge metallic stretch loops make an excellent, eye-catching packaging fastener and design element. They come in a wide assortment of colors to fit the product design. In addition to being a great style-enhancing element to packaging, they can also be used in some greeting card designs as well because they come in an assortment of color options.

Matte stretch loops and bows—There is a growing demand for these elements because they convey an eco-friendly feel to any stationery packaging or design. There are several pleasing colors of matte stretch loops and pre-tied bows to choose from, so more designers are requesting these from stationery converters during the fulfillment process.

Stationery Packaging

Stationery Packaging

We invite stationery converters to contact us here at Elastic Connections to discuss your bulk pre-tied elastic bow or elastic loop needs: 847-426-6830.

5 Elegant Ways to Package Your Product with Pre-Tied Elastic Stretch Bows

Whether or not you sell chocolates or jewelry, lotion or soup mixes—basically any product that can be neatly packaged—your target audience wants to know they are buying something fabulous. And the packaging can’t help but send a message to your potential buyer, so make it count with pre-tied elastic stretch bows. Whether they’re satin elastic bows, metallic elastic bows or matte colored elastic stretch cord, these fasteners attached to these boutique-worthy packages send the right message:

  1. Petal Boxes—With so many unique designs to this twist-to-open packaging, you can have these manufactured to fit your unique product line and secure them with pre-tied satin stretch bows. The packaging looks hand-made, even if it was produced on a grander scale.
  2. Paper Purses—Jewelry, chocolates, baked goods, gloves, etc. will delight the tea-party set if they come packaged in a paper purse, its lid fastened with a shiny satin stretch bow.
  3. Slice-of-Cake Box—Sounds like it looks; Triangular-shaped, lidded boxes can be merchandised in the store in a round with each individual box sold separately and bound with a decorative matte or metallic stretch bow; even if the cake is a cake of soap, a shaving kit or a wedge of cheese.
  4. Classic Hat Box—Circular, lidded boxes smartly package anything from cookies to cosmetics or accessories to heirloom seed kits. Top your company’s design with anything from a metallic stretch cord to a pre-tied matte stretch loop.
  5. Fold-Over Gift Bags—They can go triangular or rectangular based on the product they contain, whether it’s a book, a cosmetics kit or spiced nuts. The design options are endless; you can have them die cut, matte or glossy. Just make sure they’re securely tied with a pre-tied elastic stretch bow for easy, yet elegant transport.

If you’ve got a super product packaging idea that needs satin, twisted, metallic, or mat stretch cord or bows, please contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830.