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Perfume Bottle Packaging Elastic

The fragrances industry is booming at $50 billion annually, with projections taking it even higher in the near future. There are some important trends developing, however, one of which is how the fragrances are packaged and merchandised. Classy, natural and individually-focused trends are in, and pre-tied elastic bows for perfume bottles, or elastic with a ball fit the bill wonderfully. Keep an eye on these fragrance marketing trends including elastic perfume bottle packaging:

Forget the Celebs—Celebrity-named or focused fragrances, which used to be huge, are falling fast. Honestly, nobody wants to smell like someone else, even if they are a mega star. The rise of the individual is on…

Individually-Tailored Fragrances—Enter the packages of mixable fragrance notes that come in boxes. Consumers like being able to take various notes from a floral, bright, earthy or mysterious scent collection and mix them to create their own signature fragrance. You can use pre-tied elastic bows to secure and merchandise these fragrance collections.

Natural Ingredients—Consumers in droves are leaving crazy chemicals behind in favor of fragrance ingredients they can understand, identify and pronounce. Even better if the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free and have an aromatherapy health benefit tied to them. On that note, essential oils are one of the big trends in fragrance as well. If you’re bottling a natural scent, or collection of scents, try an elastic cord with a ball to attach the label.

Gender-Neutral Fragrances—There is a growing demand for fragrances that are neither excessively masculine nor excessively feminine, but that hover in the space between. For labeling, you can use classy metallic pre-tied bows or elastic with ball ends as these come in a host of colors depending on the direction you want to go with your product.

If you’re marketing fragrances, contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 for bulk pre-tied elastic bows in all colors and finishes, elastic cord with ball ends, and other perfume packaging elastic supplies for your fragrance merchandising project.

Elegant Hang Tag Elastics for Bottled Food and Beverages

Specialty bottled sauces, beverages, mixes and condiments—particularly those with a local, organic, protein and/or convenience bent—have enjoyed a 21 percent sales increase since 2013! The demand is there, so the real challenge is making your product stand out amongst all its competitors. Aside from touting quality ingredients and overall deliciousness, packaging matters—right down to the hang tag elastic. Here are some options you might consider:

Metallic Elastic Hang Tag Loops

These shiny, eye-catching elastic hang tag loops come in a host of colors we can customize to fit your packaging design. You can order bulk hang tag elastics in different colors if you have several different bottled products to sell. These hang tag elastics are great for holiday packaging and high-end products.

Knotted Hang Tag Elastics

Sometimes you want the hang tag elastics to be almost invisible while the hang tag itself is the main show. In these cases, we recommend simple black or white hang tag elastics that are both elegant and understated. This is a great way to package bottled foods and beverages where local and organic are the main selling points.

Hang Tag Elastics with Ball

If high-end, elegant and swank are the message behind your bottled specialty foods, consider the elegant hang tag elastic with a ball at the end. These work well with thicker bottles and heavier cardstock tags.

Hang Tag Loops with Tassels

These are another elegant hang tag loop option for bottled foods and beverages; they give an extra touch of class to any gourmet bottled product where you want to make the packaging stand out on the shelf.

hang tag elastic

If you aren’t sure what bulk hang tag elastic would go best with your packaging scheme, feel free to contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 to ask us about the different options we have available. We can customize to your needs and we have many colors, finishes and gauges in stock.

Stretch Loops for Gift Boxes

There are three key deciding factors for determining the size of gift box stretch loops and bows:

  • The type of elastic cord or ribbon used (and the amount of stretch it has)
  • How you plan to wrap the gift box elastic cord around the box: along the width, along the length or around the corners
  • The size of the boxes

First, we recommend finding the circumference of the cord or ribbon you’ll need by wrapping a piece of regular (non-elastic) string around the box in exactly the way you plan to use the elastic bows. Measure at the point where one end of the string meets the other end.

Now that you have the circumference, you can make some educated choices on your pre-tied elastic gift box bows:

  • 4 Inches or less—For these small boxes (jewelry, bottle necks or other small item boxes), order exactly the circumference you measured.
  • 5 to 15 inches—Subtract one inch from your measured circumference to get stretch loops or bows that hold the gift box together securely.
  • 16 inches or longer—Subtract at least one inch from your measured circumference, otherwise the elastic cord will not hold the gift box securely enough. For instance, a box you measured with an 18-inch circumference will need a stretch loop between 15-17 inches, most likely.

Also consider that the type of pre-tied elastic gift bow may also impact the length too. The classic metallic elastic pre-tied bows in 1.2 to 1.7-millimeter gauges stretch a bit more than wider-gauge ribbons. We carry a wide range of colors, styles and elastic loop widths, so we can help you find the type that best fits your boxes.

Gift Box Stretch Bows

If you aren’t sure what you need, contact Elastic Connections today and our knowledgeable team will help you get the right elastic gift box cord: 847-426-6830.

Pre-Tied Elastic Bows and Packaging Trends

A team of packaged-product marketing experts from Deloitte University recently published a study predicting the direction of consumer goods and packaging over the next five years. While they aren’t psychic, they illuminated burgeoning trends that marketers and product developers would be wise to note while investing in bulk pre-tied elastic bows for their packaging:

Consumer Market Bifurcation—The gap between the lower and middle classes and the affluent continually widens, leaving the majority on the former end feeling continually behind the curve. Margins are tight for these folks, so packaging should be simple, useful and elegant; consumers often want to reuse or recycle packaging. Pre-tied elastic bows not only convey the feeling that a product is special regardless of price point, it’s something the consumer can reuse.

A Common Demand—Regardless of a consumer’s place on the spectrum, the overwhelming direction of packaged consumer goods is towards health, wellness, ethical and environmentally-friendly products. That means demand for naturally-derived personal care products, organic gourmet foods, ethically-made apparel products, etc. will continue to increase. Pre-tied elastic bows in all different colors and sizes hold these things together to make great, easy, classy and ethical gift-giving options.

Digital Channels—Consumers’ main shopping experience will be a highly-digitized and mobile one; it already is. Pre-tied elastic bows stand out in product images consumers view online and help grab attention in a cluttered, noisy marketing world.  

Customization—Consumers are continually being divided into smaller and smaller niche markets; they expect their products, more than ever, to speak to their individual needs (and, indeed, their individualism) right down to the packaging. Product developers and marketers can use a variety of pre-tied elastic bows in different widths, colors and finishes (matte or metallic) to a.) drive home the brand message while also b.) giving the consumer a choice they like.

Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to discuss custom pre-tied elastic bows you can use for your forward-thinking product packaging.

Elastic Tag String for Car Air Fresheners

The market for car air fresheners with elastic tag string is booming. Analysts project that this particular market will continue to grow globally to well over $10 billion by the year 2020. There are several reasons that you will need to stock up on elastic tag string for car air fresheners as the market is growing so quickly around the world:

  • The Asia-Pacific market for simple, inexpensive car air fresheners is exploding; it’s the area where sales are climbing the highest now and where they are projected to climb in the future, even despite economic concerns about China.
  • Markets in Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa and the Middle East continue to be strong.
  • Aromatherapy and essential oils are extremely popular. The preferred mode of delivery for aromatherapy, however, has shifted dramatically away from environmentally-unfriendly aerosols and chemicals and toward natural, organic, essential oils.
  • While battery-powered and electronic aromatherapy delivery systems are popular, they are not always the best solution for people in the growing market area. They also have a negative environmental impact, which is something more consumers are eager to avoid.

Elastic tag string for simple, organic and natural car and home air fresheners is the solution many consumers will seek as the market continues to grow:

  • These types of air fresheners are affordable to a wider range of consumers.
  • A large variety of essential oils and natural scents can be used in these hanging air fresheners.
  • Elastic tag string is durable enough to allow for extra decoration to the air freshener such as beads, artificial flowers, etc.—it’s not just for those tree-shaped things anymore.
  • Thin, elastic-tag-string-attachable air fresheners are even being used as promotional giveaways and tradeshow freebies because their scent (and marketing message) lingers for a long time and cements a positive memory in the users’ minds.

To order bulk elastic tag string for car air fresheners, just contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 today.

Elastic Stretch Cord for Manufacturing Expandable File Folders

One office supply that never goes out of style is the expandable file folder. Secured with elastic stretch cord and used by businesses, lawyers, home executives, teachers, students—basically anybody who needs to have quick, organized access to paper files—this is one office supply that just keeps selling. Office supplies manufacturers can use the following three formats with an endless combination of graphic designs:

Expandable Button Folder with Elastic Loop

With gathers like an accordion that expand, these file folders extend to hold and organize a lot of files. They feature a flap that folds from the back to the front; an elastic loop goes around a button to shut the folder.

Corner Elastic Cord Folders

These folders have elastic cord loops at the two bottom corners of the file, securing the front folder flap to the rest of the folder. These usually don’t expand as much as the previous type, but are good for protecting a modest collection of papers while under way.

Total Enclosure Elastic Loop File Folder

Similar to the first format, but the elastic loop is attached in the front and stretches all the way around the expandable folder to keep a hefty set of files in place.

Trendy Looks for Expandable File Folders Secured with Elastic Loops

Office supply manufacturers will continue to need bulk spools of elastic cord to secure their expandable file folder brands. They’ll also need to keep the latest graphic design trends in mind so their products pop out on the shelves. While Pantone hasn’t yet announced it’s 2016 “IT” color (this passing year’s is Marsala), design experts are predicting something gorgeous in the blue family, possibly Deep Peacock. We’ll find out in a few weeks, so start designing!

In the meantime, call Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 today to put in your elastic cord order; we have everything from 1mm up to 2.4mm in a wide variety of colors!

Expandable File Folders with Elastic