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Using Bookmarks as Marketing Swag

While marketers worldwide scramble for the next great marketing tool, there’s one humble, yet surprisingly effective item that builds brand awareness all the time—particularly with a well-read demographic: tasseled bookmarks. Hoards of early e-reader adopters are turning back to the traditional folds of paper in droves, making bulk bookmark tassels a must-have brand-building ingredient for intelligent marketers.

Why Bulk Bookmark Tassels for Marketing?

Bookmarks never get old—Readers need them all the time. If you market to a highly-educated customer, the bookmark is useful and frequently seen by your target—a double marketing win.

Bookmark Tassels get attention—With bright colors and a soft feel, bookmark tassels are a sensory item people remember. Instead of using a folded sticky note or a torn scrap of paper, your target customer would much rather have an easy to see, nice to feel, always-at-the-ready bookmark.

Value-Added Bookmarks—Your marketing team can go beyond just bulk bookmark tassels attached to branded cardstock; Why not make the bookmark extra useful with a QR code they can scan for a discounted snack or beverage or some other special offer they can use on more than one occasion? Print useful information your customer needs on the bookmark so they reach for it often and remember how helpful you’ve been.

Make it a VIP Bookmark—You can even go beyond the coupon idea and use tasseled, branded bookmarks as a VIP program for your customers. By showing the bookmark, they can receive a regular discount on products or services that you offer.

Unique Bookmark Designs—Rise above the ordinary rounded rectangle with a tassel with your bookmark calling cards. Consider die cuts, unexpected colors and textures, vellum paper, surprising images that people remember, etc. The unexpected goes a long way towards cementing your brand in a person’s memory.

Contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to discuss all the color and thread options of bulk bookmark tassels for your bookmark marketing project.

Wow ‘Em with Trade Show Giveaways with Elastic Cord

Sweating over the trade show giveaways for your booth is a time honored tradition—but does it really need to be? With a little elastic and some research, you can generate excitement, gratitude and follow up contacts with smart swag: Inc. magazine recently polled young, up-and-coming, decision-making trade show attendees about their favorite trade show tchotchkes. The overwhelming response came down to this: Enough with the stress balls already! Make it useful! Usefulness generates positive associations with your brand and promotes follow-up responses. Here were some trade show give away favorites:

  1. Notebooks with elastic cord pen keepers—Pens are notorious for getting lost; you can never find one when you need one. Conversely, if you find the pen, then you have to dig around to find the paper. So trade show attendees loved customized notebooks with pockets and elastic cord pen keepers that kept the pens and the paper together and were ready when they needed them most.
  2. Bookmarks with tassels—People are so done with business cards. Bookmarks with attention-getting tassels, on the other hand, were quite popular. They give companies a chance to put their message on a useful item that attendees will see again and again and again.
  3. Care packages—Trade show goers often forget things in their rush to pack. So one of the most popular and useful swag items could be a branded, elastic-secured care bag with little things like lip balm, an individual packet of Ibuprofen, a peanut-free energy bar, juice box, mini flashlight, bandages, moist towelettes, etc.
  4. Convenient Snacks—Lunch can never come soon enough at trade shows where people are on their feet all day. Convenient, packable snacks that come with elastic cord to securely reseal them for later snacking are extremely popular and coveted!

Contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 for the elastic cords that hold together your useful tradeshow swag and be the booth that generates the most excitement this year!

Bookmarks Still Matter: Tasseled Bookmarks as Marketing Tools

In a world of e-readers, it turns out there is still a solid place for classic tasseled bookmarks—both to hold our place, and as potential marketing tools. Scientists have discovered that Kindle and iPad reading, while convenient, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for our brains or our health. Paper books are better for memory and comprehension. And reading paper books before bed is also better for deep, healthful sleep than illuminated screens. Reports of the death of paper books have been greatly exaggerated, so bookmarks are still necessary. So if you’re marketing a product or service, consider the humble tasseled bookmark because…

  1. People Love Freebies—But figuring out which ones to distribute at the next trade show can be a headache. Customized items can be catchy, but what happens to them once everyone leaves the show? Will they blend in with the rest of the tchotchkes, or given to the kids and lost at the bottom of the toy box? If so, your message is lost. Bookmarks rise above the stress balls because…
  2. People Love Useful Stuff—Bookmarks can be used right away, right now, and repeatedly. Bookmark tassels call attention to the bookmark, on which you can print any useful information, special offers, a customer loyalty program, QR code, etc. that fits into your branding strategy. The bookmark therefore multitasks for your client, which will create a positive association with your brand.
  3. People See it Often—The bookmark is there every time your customer opens a book. If there’s useful information on the bookmark itself, they’ll refer back to it. And because customized bookmarks are relatively inexpensive compared to other freebies, bookmarks can give you great ROI for your marketing dollars.

So if you are wondering what freebies to design for your next promotion or trade show, think bookmarks. And contact Elastic Connections for a wide assortment of colored bookmark tassels to fit the bill: 847-426-6830.

Elastic Hangtags for Bottles

The retail market is competitive, and consumers are inadvertently drawn to products without understanding why. As a manufacturer of any type of bottled product, you know your product must “leap off the shelf” as you have only seconds to grab the attention of the consumer.

Packaging for bottled products – whether for wine, or perfume, or hot sauce – is easily enhanced with hang tags.

Hang tags are usually your customer’s first look at what your product has to offer. Without having to read the entire description on the label of your product, consumers read the most important information about what you have to sell on the hang tag. Those that attract attention, and are easily accessible to the customer will yield the best results.

Get consumers to pick up your product first with attractive, easy to read labeling. Provide information on your merchandise tags that give consumers what they want: information at their fingertips about the product they are considering:

  • What the product is made of
  • Where the product was made
  • How the product is used

Elastic for the hangtags come in a variety of colors and textures to match the style of your product and packaging. With hangtag elastic, your product labels can vary in size. Hangtag elastic is available in diameters ranging from 1mm (.040”) up to 2.4mm (.095”) to accommodate a variety of label material, size and weight. The durability of the hangtag elastics ensures that your product tags will stay in place until the customer chooses to remove them.

With attractive labeling, you can bring your product into the forefront. Inquire about our hangtag elastic sold in bulk either spooled or in pretied elastic pieces.