Using Bookmarks as Marketing Swag

While marketers worldwide scramble for the next great marketing tool, there’s one humble, yet surprisingly effective item that builds brand awareness all the time—particularly with a well-read demographic: tasseled bookmarks. Hoards of early e-reader adopters are turning back to the traditional folds of paper in droves, making bulk bookmark tassels a must-have brand-building ingredient for intelligent marketers.

Why Bulk Bookmark Tassels for Marketing?

Bookmarks never get old—Readers need them all the time. If you market to a highly-educated customer, the bookmark is useful and frequently seen by your target—a double marketing win.

Bookmark Tassels get attention—With bright colors and a soft feel, bookmark tassels are a sensory item people remember. Instead of using a folded sticky note or a torn scrap of paper, your target customer would much rather have an easy to see, nice to feel, always-at-the-ready bookmark.

Value-Added Bookmarks—Your marketing team can go beyond just bulk bookmark tassels attached to branded cardstock; Why not make the bookmark extra useful with a QR code they can scan for a discounted snack or beverage or some other special offer they can use on more than one occasion? Print useful information your customer needs on the bookmark so they reach for it often and remember how helpful you’ve been.

Make it a VIP Bookmark—You can even go beyond the coupon idea and use tasseled, branded bookmarks as a VIP program for your customers. By showing the bookmark, they can receive a regular discount on products or services that you offer.

Unique Bookmark Designs—Rise above the ordinary rounded rectangle with a tassel with your bookmark calling cards. Consider die cuts, unexpected colors and textures, vellum paper, surprising images that people remember, etc. The unexpected goes a long way towards cementing your brand in a person’s memory.

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