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Elastic Hang Tags for Beverage Bottle Packaging

Elastic hang tag loops for beverage bottle packaging may be come more important than ever for elegant beverage merchandising in the coming years. According to reports from many in the beverage packaging and merchandising industry, more and more companies are adopting plastic PET bottles over heavier, classic glass.

The fact is, PET, for all its apparent benefits, is unlikely to carry the same weight (literally) marketing wise as good old glass beverage bottles. Using elegant elastic hang tags to merchandise and market can bring your plastic -bottled beverage some swag and elegance regardless.

Switching from glass to PET bottles has some unexpected environmental benefits. Recycling centers for PET bottles are readily available around the country. PET is also significantly lighter than glass, so transportation and fuel costs go down significantly. Broken glass is also a safety concern for many companies, whereas PET is safer and more durable, particularly in transit.

If your beverage bottling company is considering a switch from glass to PET—or not—stocking up on elastic hang tag loops makes good sense. You can design beautiful, environmentally-friendly hang tags to enhance the look of your beverage on the shelves. The following hang tag trends are going strong right now:

Vintage—limited ink colors with a vintage feel on heavy stock are very popular, particularly for brands with a history.

Simple—If your target market craves simplicity or you have a good, natural beverage with few ingredients, don’t complicate your elastic hang tags. Bold colors focused on cool fonts work well.

Promo Codes—Include a QR code on the back of your elastic hang tag that customers can use to engage with you or take part in a contest.  

Contact Elastic Connections today to order bulk elastic hang tag loops, or even classy, pre-tied metallic bows to bring your PET or glass beverage bottle merchandising into the now and the classic with ease and elegance, now and in the future: 847-426-6830.

3 Hot Trends in Apparel Hang Tags with Loops

Some apparel hang tags are so awesome that people don’t even throw them away after they’ve been snipped from the article of clothing. Now they double as elegant bookmarks and a constant brand reminder. Get your bulk hang tag loops from Elastic Connections and make sure your string tags are awesome with these 3 elements:

Use Natural Fibers and Inks for Your Hang Tag

Today’s consumer demands that everything, right down to the string tags on your apparel, is as ethically sourced and natural as possible. If you follow that creed in your clothing manufacturing, follow that down to the cardstock for your hang tags. Whatever your string tag design is, consider recycled fibers for the card stock to convey natural sourcing.

Essentialism Rules the Hang Tag

More than just “simplicity” or “minimalism”, essentialism boils the crazy noise of the fashion world down to what the wearer needs now. Convey this idea with your hang tag with simple, stylish fonts that give the apparel buyer advice on how to wear the creation. Keep text to a minimum, however, and try to keep it as simple and direct as possible.

Use the Element of Surprise—Even on Your Hang Tags

Use shape, color and wording to surprise your buyers, even with the hang tag. Consider using custom die-cut card stock over the traditional rectangular tag. Grab attention with shockingly-colored or patterned papers: marbled, foil, glittery, shimmery papers are all eye-poppers. Use bold fonts and other elements that fit with your branding scheme.

Clever use of these 3 elements will have your buyers hanging onto your hang tag long after they’ve worn and re-worn your apparel items, which will only increase the amount of brand awareness your apparel line can enjoy.

Contact Elastic Connections to discover all of the options you have in bulk hang tag loops and string for apparel price tags: 847-426-6830.

Elegant Hang Tag Elastics for Bottled Food and Beverages

Specialty bottled sauces, beverages, mixes and condiments—particularly those with a local, organic, protein and/or convenience bent—have enjoyed a 21 percent sales increase since 2013! The demand is there, so the real challenge is making your product stand out amongst all its competitors. Aside from touting quality ingredients and overall deliciousness, packaging matters—right down to the hang tag elastic. Here are some options you might consider:

Metallic Elastic Hang Tag Loops

These shiny, eye-catching elastic hang tag loops come in a host of colors we can customize to fit your packaging design. You can order bulk hang tag elastics in different colors if you have several different bottled products to sell. These hang tag elastics are great for holiday packaging and high-end products.

Knotted Hang Tag Elastics

Sometimes you want the hang tag elastics to be almost invisible while the hang tag itself is the main show. In these cases, we recommend simple black or white hang tag elastics that are both elegant and understated. This is a great way to package bottled foods and beverages where local and organic are the main selling points.

Hang Tag Elastics with Ball

If high-end, elegant and swank are the message behind your bottled specialty foods, consider the elegant hang tag elastic with a ball at the end. These work well with thicker bottles and heavier cardstock tags.

Hang Tag Loops with Tassels

These are another elegant hang tag loop option for bottled foods and beverages; they give an extra touch of class to any gourmet bottled product where you want to make the packaging stand out on the shelf.

hang tag elastic

If you aren’t sure what bulk hang tag elastic would go best with your packaging scheme, feel free to contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 to ask us about the different options we have available. We can customize to your needs and we have many colors, finishes and gauges in stock.

Elastic Hang Tag Merchandising Trends

The humble elastic hang tag has become far more than a merchandising afterthought reserved for the price. It’s valuable, tangible real estate in a cluttered marketing world. More than just a small plot for your best graphic designers to flash your brand image, it’s also a place to link customers from the product in their hands to the bigger world of other products your company sells. Whether you need bulk elastic hang tag loops for clothing merchandising, food packaging, personal products or boutique items, consider incorporating the following on your next hang tag design:

Simplicity Rules—Retro, black and white and simple color schemes are in right now. Keep an eye on the Pantone Colors of the Year and branch out with tag colors that evoke desire. (Pro tip: orange makes people hungry – try it on food product hang tags!)

The Tech Connection—Make elastic hang tag QR codes mean something to the customer. If it’s a tag for a shirt, that specific QR code can bring up coordinating wardrobe pieces on the consumer’s phone to suggest outfit ideas (and sell more product). QR codes on food item hang tags can suggest recipes or food and wine pairing ideas.

Laser and Die Cut Creativity—Make your hang tag stick out by using die and laser cuts in different shapes or even for layering. The cooler and sturdier the tag, the more likely a customer is to keep it and use it as bookmark. This keeps your brand identity continually popping up on the customer’s mental radar.


You don’t need to stick with the standard white elastic loops for your hang tags either. Elastic Connections can create bulk custom elastic loops for hang tags in a variety of colors and gauges so you can find an exact match for your hang tag merchandising. Contact Elastic Connections today and we can help you get the right elastic hang tag loops for your merchandising projects.

Hang Tag Design Trends

The hang tag is hot in merchandising across many consumer markets right now. Everyone from clothing designers and chocolatiers to condiment makers and high-end cosmetics and personal care products merchandisers are going in for highly-customized, brand-awareness-boosting hang tags, attached to the product with hang tag elastic. Some of the designs are so great, consumers use them as bookmarks, elastic loops and all, once the product is unwrapped. Here are some of the hottest trends in elastic hang tag design now:

  • Die-Cut—Not just square or rectangle… it could be the shape of a bird, a flower, a moon, a retro luggage tag or anything else; whatever speaks to your brand message. All it needs is a hole at the top for the elastic thread to loop through and attach to the product.
  • Typography—It used to be just a way to convey essential information, but now fonts are as much a part of the design as the color, shape or other graphics. Many merchandisers are opting to have their own fonts designed to completely set their brand apart from the Helvetica-using crowd and convey uniqueness.
  • Elastic Loop Attachment—Elastic hang tag attachments are as much about form as they are about function, and designers today (as well as consumers) love when the two go hand-in-hand, as they do with elastic cord. From metallic, colored elastic cord (for high-end products) to matte elastic cord (for products broadcasting their “natural” connection), elastic cord makes attaching hang tags to product so much easier and stylish than other potential fasteners.
  • Retro is Forever—Graphic designers are decade-hopping more than ever. The psychedelic 60s never seems to get old, not to mention turn-of-the-century “antique-ness.” Designers are even bringing back the bold colors of the 80s and 90s as well. It all depends on your branding strategy.

If you’ve got a big hang tag product merchandising project, contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 to discuss the best elastic cord for your tags.

Hang Tags

Merchandise Tag Designs Using Elastic Loops

If you have an amazing product to sell, whether it’s apparel, cookies, jewelry, tech or cosmetics, you have to compete to grab the attention of your potential customers. That’s where merchandising and design come into play—right down to the branding on the elastic hang tag. This may seem like a small detail, but anything generic, even on this level, can signal inconsistency and poor quality to the customer. So while planning your merchandising scheme, don’t forget the hang tag!

Elastic Loops to Attach Hang Tags

Whether trying to convey a hand-crafted or high-end look, the trend is to attach hang tags to merchandise with elastic loops. Sure, you can use white elastic loops for hang tags, but consider your overall design; a matte color elastic loop, or metallic elastic loop can really pop.

Hang Tag Color

As previously mentioned, color is an important subconscious seller. Use it strategically in the branding on your hang tags in conjunction with all other branding efforts. Design accordingly and order elastic stretch loops for hang tags in a coordinating tonal or complementary colors to draw the customer’s attention:

  • Yellow—Youth, optimism, attention-grabber
  • Red—Urgent, energetic, grabs and holds attention, boosts sales
  • Blue—Security and trust (often used in banking and health products)
  • Green—Relaxing; associated with money and environmentally-friendly products
  • Orange—Aggressive, energetic, cutting-edge; stimulates hunger
  • Pink—Feminine, romantic
  • Black—Sleek, luxurious
  • Purple—Calming, yet mysterious; often used in cosmetics and anti-aging
  • Gold & Silver—Wealth, power, elegance

Tag Shapes

Trendy merchandise tags aren’t just rectangular today. They may be circular, triangular, oblong, ring-shaped, leaf-shaped, book-shaped or die-cut with all kinds of edging effects that say, “We’re different, we’re special.”

Merchandise Hang Tag Designs

Merchandise Hang Tag Designs

Elastic Connections has a wide assortment of colored elastic stretch loops and hang tag string that will accentuate your merchandise tags and other branding efforts. Contact us at 847-426-6830 to learn more.