Elastic Hang Tags for Beverage Bottle Packaging

Elastic hang tag loops for beverage bottle packaging may be come more important than ever for elegant beverage merchandising in the coming years. According to reports from many in the beverage packaging and merchandising industry, more and more companies are adopting plastic PET bottles over heavier, classic glass.

The fact is, PET, for all its apparent benefits, is unlikely to carry the same weight (literally) marketing wise as good old glass beverage bottles. Using elegant elastic hang tags to merchandise and market can bring your plastic -bottled beverage some swag and elegance regardless.

Switching from glass to PET bottles has some unexpected environmental benefits. Recycling centers for PET bottles are readily available around the country. PET is also significantly lighter than glass, so transportation and fuel costs go down significantly. Broken glass is also a safety concern for many companies, whereas PET is safer and more durable, particularly in transit.

If your beverage bottling company is considering a switch from glass to PET—or not—stocking up on elastic hang tag loops makes good sense. You can design beautiful, environmentally-friendly hang tags to enhance the look of your beverage on the shelves. The following hang tag trends are going strong right now:

Vintage—limited ink colors with a vintage feel on heavy stock are very popular, particularly for brands with a history.

Simple—If your target market craves simplicity or you have a good, natural beverage with few ingredients, don’t complicate your elastic hang tags. Bold colors focused on cool fonts work well.

Promo Codes—Include a QR code on the back of your elastic hang tag that customers can use to engage with you or take part in a contest.  

Contact Elastic Connections today to order bulk elastic hang tag loops, or even classy, pre-tied metallic bows to bring your PET or glass beverage bottle merchandising into the now and the classic with ease and elegance, now and in the future: 847-426-6830.