Elastic Loops and Stretchy Cords for Office Supply Manufacturing

Although the paperless office is something we still talk about, there is still strong, and even growing need to manufacture paper office supplies. The key to today’s trend is making them environmentally friendly and functional. Office supplies manufacturers will need to stock up on bulk elastic loops and stretchy cords for these popular products:

1. Expandable File Folders with Elastic Cord Enclosures

Business executives, secretaries, students, teachers and everybody who wants to keep their papers organized needs these. But because everyone’s needs are different, there are different ways that office supply manufacturers can go with them. For example:

  • Expandable file folders with button and elastic cord enclosures.
  • Expandable file folders with stretchy cord that encases the entire package
  • File folders with elastic cords on the corners

Office supply manufacturers can get different types of sturdy, bulk elastic loops and stretchy cord in a vast array of colors to suit the current styles people want.

2. Notebooks with Elastic Loops and Stretchy Cord

Paper notebooks are still vastly popular in the office, home and at school in every grade. Manufacturers are using more recycled products to produce them and reduce environmental impact. They’re also improving designs to make them more useful, with stretchy loops or cords to attach pens and pencils, or with stretchy, secure pockets to stash extra notes, memory sticks etc.

3. Stretchy Cord to Manufacture Promotional Items

In addition to custom manufacturing the two items above for a variety of office applications, stretchy cord is essential to producing promotional office supplies for companies headed to trade shows. Bulk elastic loops and stretchy cord can be used to upscale the functionality of these items so they hold useful items like ID badges, lip balm, snacks and even phones.

Office supplies manufacturers looking to upscale their products this year should contact Elastic Connections at 847-426-6830 to discuss their options for bulk stretchy cord and elastic loops.