Elastic Hangtags for Bottles

The retail market is competitive, and consumers are inadvertently drawn to products without understanding why. As a manufacturer of any type of bottled product, you know your product must “leap off the shelf” as you have only seconds to grab the attention of the consumer.

Packaging for bottled products – whether for wine, or perfume, or hot sauce – is easily enhanced with hang tags.

Hang tags are usually your customer’s first look at what your product has to offer. Without having to read the entire description on the label of your product, consumers read the most important information about what you have to sell on the hang tag. Those that attract attention, and are easily accessible to the customer will yield the best results.

Get consumers to pick up your product first with attractive, easy to read labeling. Provide information on your merchandise tags that give consumers what they want: information at their fingertips about the product they are considering:

  • What the product is made of
  • Where the product was made
  • How the product is used

Elastic for the hangtags come in a variety of colors and textures to match the style of your product and packaging. With hangtag elastic, your product labels can vary in size. Hangtag elastic is available in diameters ranging from 1mm (.040”) up to 2.4mm (.095”) to accommodate a variety of label material, size and weight. The durability of the hangtag elastics ensures that your product tags will stay in place until the customer chooses to remove them.

With attractive labeling, you can bring your product into the forefront. Inquire about our hangtag elastic sold in bulk either spooled or in pretied elastic pieces.