Choir Folders with Strings

Choir, band, orchestra—the hallmarks of a well-rounded education from middle school on up, as well as the passion of thousands of dedicated musicians who spend their lives filling the world with glorious sounds. While the musicians and directors themselves are laser-focused on practicing their craft and keeping their instruments in top shape, there is one piece of hard-working music equipment they often take for granted: their choir folders with strings.

If you manufacture choral folders or music binders, elastic string and chords are an integral part of keeping the musicians’ sheet music and pencils together through long hours of rehearsal and nights of touring. Elastic Connections supplies high-quality, durable bulk elastic cords for music binder and choral folder manufacturers. We can cut elastic chords to specifications, or ship standard bulk sizes ready for immediate production.

Choir Folder with String

Choir Folder with String

Our bulk elastic string and cord for music folders keeps all the sheet music in place and is sturdy enough to handle the most demanding practice and travel schedules. Our elastic cords can also be incorporated into special features like pen or pencil holders so musicians can quickly write notes the need and not constantly lose their writing implements.

We can also supply bulk elastic chords for music folder manufacturers to keep on hand to sell as replacements should heavy use lead to broken chords, as is frequently the case, particularly for high school and college bands and choirs that see heavy, often rambunctious use.

For professional performers, our music folder elastic chords are classy basic black so they fit seamlessly into the binder so as not to distract during a performance, while being sturdy enough to get the job done and keep music where it needs to be.

Music binder and choral folder manufacturers looking for bulk quantities of elastic chord, either for product production or to create replacement packages, can contact Elastic Connections today at 847-426-6830 to discuss lengths, widths and quantities.